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Schools & Districts

Achieving your goals starts with motivating your students

By measuring and promoting motivation in real time, Classcraft helps districts and schools implement their strategic initiatives.

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Time-tested pedagogy.
Modern approach.

Classcraft engages students and teachers alike by combining everything kids love about games with the principles of great pedagogy.

Gamified PBIS that leads to lasting behavior change

Setting clear expectations for student behavior at the school or district level is challenging. What’s even harder? Making sure those expectations are adopted consistently at the classroom level.

Classcraft helps educators implement PBIS in a way that’s positive, consistent, and objective.

Addressing student behavior at its source: engagement

Because traditional PBIS implementations don’t address behavior at its source — student engagement — they miss the opportunity to make a lasting, systemic impact.

Classcraft helps administrators deliver on the promise of PBIS by harnessing the power of games to change behavior and create lasting engagement.

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Whenstudents are motivated,everyone wins

For administrators

  1. Implement strategic initiatives with fidelity
    • PBIS
    • SEL
    • Personalized learning
  2. Improved school climate
  3. Better academic performance
  4. Higher attendance rates

For teachers

  1. Classrooms where kids cheer each other on
  2. Better collaboration
  3. Stronger personal connections
  4. A more satisfying teaching experience
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Screenshot of a Classcraft student avatar from the teacher screen

What can you accomplish
with Classcraft?

SEL and non-cognitive skills

Develop your students as learners — and as human beings. Your students can apply what they’re learning by developing skills like:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Personalized learning

Make learning an adventure — easily turn your existing lesson plans into personalized quests. Support every student’s unique needs, without reinventing the wheel.

Continuous improvement

With data that shows you what’s working, you can make the type of small adjustments that can lead to big gains. Spot easy opportunities to make your practice better.

Screeshot of a Classcraft Quest map
Screenshot of a Classcraft student avatar from the teacher screen

PD that your teachers
will actually enjoy

Our learning experts will engage your staff using the same principles Classcraft uses to motivate students.

  • Essentials

    Ensure successful implementation and sustainability with foundational sessions.

  • Self-Paced

    Upskill teachers using Classcraft Quests so they can learn at their availability.

  • A la Carte

    Choose individual sessions that target your highest priority areas.

  • Tutorials

    Learn how to make the most of features and integrations while fine-tuning game setting and analytics.

  • Gamify

    Build skill sets with Classcraft specific training and discover how to leverage the platform to achieve your targets.

  • Dive Deeper

    Make data-driven decisions with the help of training focused on analytics and insights based on real-time progress and engagement.

Grounded in research

SEL and PBIS alignment

“Classcraft’s interpretation of PBIS and its understanding of the connection to SEL is advanced and enlightened.”

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Motivation and engagement

“… the teacher marked increased motivation and deeper interest in class work. Pupils tend to show more participative behavior, in every dimension of the class: to answer questions and to work in class. They want to claim points.”

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Non-cognitive skills development

In conclusion, games, game elements and gamification can, indeed, motivate computer science students to engage in additional technical skills and non-technical collaborative, communication and time-management skills practice beyond what is required for course credit.

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Classcraft works seamlessly
with your most used apps.

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Leaders making an impact
with Classcraft

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Fullerton School DistrictFullerton, CA
Why they chose Classcraft:
Personalized learning
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Park Ridge Niles School District 64Park Ridge, IL
Why they chose Classcraft:
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Centennial Middle SchoolSpokane, WA
Why they chose Classcraft:
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Teachers Classcraft

A survey of 1000+ teachers using Classcraft found that:

  • 99%of teachers say it's had apositive impact on classroom atmosphere
  • 88%of teachers reported anincrease in academic performance

Praise for Classcraft

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