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Our evidence-based software will make it easier to implement schoolwide behavior and tiered intervention initiatives, and has everything you need to foster positive behaviors like student participation, academic engagement, and SEL growth.

Used by innovators, backed by research.

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Together, we can ...

Build community and foster collaboration in any setting

Set behavior expectations aligned to common standards

Ensure consistent implementation school- and district-wide

Provide targeted support to at-risk students

Strengthen connections between students, teachers, and parents

Personalize your existing curriculum

“We reduced referrals by 85% — in one term.”

Learn how one middle school used Classcraft to level up PBIS

How Classcraft fits into your schoolwide PBIS

  1. Set behavior expectations at the school or district level
  2. When students exhibit positive behaviors and engage with what they’re learning, teachers and parents reward them
  3. Kids can redeem for rewards like gear for their avatar, special privileges, or pets
  4. Analytics tools help you support at-risk students with targeted Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions
  5. Measure and report progress against your district’s goals
  6. Gain visibility into student behavior and make decisions based on data
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Our seamless integrations make it easy to get started!

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Federal funding for Classcraft

Funding for Classcraft is available through the CARES Act and ESSA

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