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Classcraft for School Administrators

Engagement Drives Better Outcomes

Classcraft is an Engagement Management System (EMS) that fosters positive school climate and educational outcomes by getting kids excited about school and improving engagement, personalized learning, and SEL.

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Create Better Outcomes for Students

Teacher taking a high five from one of his high school students in his classroom

Support personalized learning

Improve student outcomes with a pedagogical approach that uses game mechanics kids care about. Classcraft gives teachers the support they need to reach students with effective self-paced, personalized lessons that meet their level of competency.

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Drive social emotional learning

Prepare students for the future by building and assessing social emotional learning. Classcraft teaches SEL skills by building collaboration, self-regulation, and decision-making — individually and collectively — into a rich game experience.

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Reach your PBIS objectives

Amplify your efforts with student-driven Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) by tracking meaningful data to support Tier 1 and 2 interventions. Common behavior frameworks set clear expectations and reinforce actions based on your unique school values.

Teacher helping students with their assignment

Prevent bullying

Foster an engaged school climate and meaningful social interactions between students. Classcraft focuses on creating an environment where students feel they belong and are supported.

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How Does It Work?

Supercharge Your K-12 Initiatives

A healthy school needs more than a student management system. Unlike other apps for school administrators, Classcraft gives you greater visibility into your classrooms and over individual student behavior data and performance, allowing you to view the effectiveness of interventions and identify issues.

A dashboard that makes the grade

Classcraft admin dashboard teacher list and quest popularity dashboard

The School Dashboard gives you full control and visibility over how Classcraft functions at your school.

Manage all your teachers and students, establish settings per grade level or cohort, and enhance security all in one place.

Classcraft admin dashboard teacher list and quest popularity dashboard
Diagram showing SIS, LMS and engagement management system at the top of the diagram
Classcraft school climate index example
School Climate Index
Classcraft school engagement index example
Classcraft Engagement Index

Your school climate at a glance

Diagram showing SIS, LMS and engagement management system at the top of the diagram
Classcraft school climate index example
School Climate Index
Classcraft school engagement index example
Classcraft Engagement Index

The School Climate Index and Engagement Index give you an accurate portrait of teacher and student engagement across your building.

Gauge your school’s progress over time in an easy way using aggregated data and view personalized recommendations to help you meet your goals.

Actionable data that drives real results

Classcraft positive behavior dashboard and top students dashboard

Unique insights into student conduct help you measure the impact of interventions in real time and take action to meet your priorities.

View deep analytic data around positive and negative behavior, collaboration, and absenteeism. Assess the development of SEL skills and identify potential issues before they cause problems.

Classcraft positive behavior dashboard and top students dashboard

Implementation Is a Breeze

Children's hands joined in the middle of a circle

Harmonize settings schoolwide

Maintain a common framework and language to manage behavior and engagement, leading your team to successful initiatives. Full support is available for easy implementation and use.

Teacher holding a tablet with the Google Classroom logo in front of her blurred classroom

Integrates with the tools you use

As a Premier Google Partner for Education and Microsoft partner, Classcraft integrates with the services your school is already using like Google Classroom, Microsoft, Clever, LRNG, and the Discovery Educator Network.

High school female student happily standing near board and happily discussing new project with her colleagues.

Experience PD with a purpose

Professional development sessions from Classcraft empower your staff and save you time. Educators refine their approach to achieve targeted outcomes around topics such as personalized learning and SEL.

See Why Educators Love Classcraft

Dr. Maurice J. Elias, Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University

“Classcraft’s interpretation of PBIS and its understanding of the connection to SEL is advanced and enlightened.”

"I feel like we've been using Classcraft for years and years and years because it's become so embedded in the foundation of the way we do things."

“The versatility of Classcraft is amazing! ... It would fit into almost any subject at almost any grade level.“

“Students are more motivated than ever to try new challenges!”

“(My students) had so many ideas ... it reinforced how much they bought into Classcraft.”

Lorrie Masey, 6th Grade Science Teacher

“My district test scores went from a 42% pass to 82% pass, and Classcraft is the only thing I changed!”

“I have seen such a dramatic change in my classes in just the four months I’ve been using the program, and I want other teachers to have that.”

“I love all the features of Classcraft ... but what has had the most impact is how I can highlight the learner behaviors I want to see in my students, starting with kindness.”

Classcraft Is Backed by Research!

Research shows that Classcraft positively impacts student engagement, academic performance, attendance, SEL, and school culture.

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Apply for Classcraft’s Innovation Program (CIP)

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Amplify the success of existing district initiatives with the CIP! Bolster your tools and craft in areas of personalized learning, SEL development, academic performance, and school climate and safety. Partner with our team to ensure a smooth rollout and build educator apacity. Classcraft is committed to helping you drive results by:

  • Evaluating the efficacy of the rollout and expansion in real time
  • Customizing analytics and insights to track and measure data that matters to you
  • Developing and proving best practices for engaging learning communities
  • Participating in thought leadership with Classcraft to share breakthroughs

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