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A modern approach to social emotional learning support

Start here to easily implement school and district-wide PBIS, SEL, and MTSS initiatives. Designed by educators, it’s ability to support the whole child is proven to resonate with students and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Student engagement and motivation at the core of your behavior management

Academic engagement and performance

Chronic absenteeism

Classroom behavior management



Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Soft skill development

Suspension reduction

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Fewer referrals, more student success

With Classcraft’s engaging design built to drive intrinsic motivation, your students will become more invested in exhibiting positive behavior, completing assignments, unlocking real-life privileges, and advocating for one another. Teachers can integrate story-driven SEL curriculum to develop and assess soft skills in the classroom while creating a climate where students can show up as their best selves and thrive, resulting in better outcomes.

Real schools getting real results

ESSA Level 1 evidence

According to an in-depth meta-analysis aggregating 27 studies on Classcraft, our approach has demonstrated a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes. The findings in this meta-analysis prove that Classcraft has a large impact (effect size d > 0.6) on motivation and learning achievement.

By demonstrating meticulous evidence-based success through in-depth research, not only does Classcraft meet rigorous ESSA Tier I standards, but it also qualifies for ESSA federal funding.

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Scale academic engagement and student support up to your school or district with:

Plug and play systemic implementations

Seamlessly bring in your PBIS matrix, SEL standards, tiered intervention programming, or simply use our pre-built presets.

A list of Classcraft templates you can implement

Hands-on and intuitive onboarding

Classcraft evolves to any technical skill level. Teachers can train as they go with built in virtual PD and learn directly from our team of veteran educators.

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Integrations have never been easier

Sync Classcraft with what you’re already using.

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Empower your whole staff to participate

Build a vibrant, positive school culture by allowing any staff member to give feedback and connect initiatives back to your own school store.

High-fidelity data

Prevent behavioral incidents by anticipating student needs and identifying those who require extra support.

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Federal funding for Classcraft

Funding for Classcraft is available through the CARES Act and ESSA

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