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Drive student engagement with Canvas

With Classcraft’s integration with Canvas, educators can motivate their students to feel empowered and engaged in their learning, wherever they are without any extra work for them.

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We work with your technology, not the other way around.

Easily set up as an add-on, the Classcraft integration seamlessly and automatically rewards students Experience Points (XP) for turning in assignments and for their grades. Canvas already helps your teachers manage assignment submissions and evaluations, we’re simply here to help.

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More insight into how your students are really doing

By connecting Classcraft and Canvas together, you and your staff have the ability to view, in real-time, how your students’ academic engagement correlates to other behavioral trends in the classroom. All without any extra work for teachers to learn.

Classcraft and Canvas: a powerful pairing

Here’s how Classcraft’s integration can automatically increase academic engagement, year after year.

Enable the Classcraft integration in your Canvas dashboard

Teachers can enable Classcraft Experience Point rewards associated with each assignment, grade, and exhibition of positive behavior with your existing Canvas rosters and courses

Reward students for Canvas assignments and grades directly in Classcraft

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Pair your Canvas with exciting adventures

Transform your assignments into personalized, self-paced learning adventures and make your lesson plans even more engaging by adding them to Classcraft Quests.

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Discover the magic of Story Mode

Your students will love these prewritten storylines for Quests. As they become more invested in the characters and plot twists, they’ll feel compelled to overcome the challenges they need to develop positive social behaviors and boost their SEL competencies.

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To the Marketplace we go!

Take advantage of hundreds of lessons and storylines created by educators and publishers that cover every grade and subject in our Quests Marketplace.

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See stories of school success

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