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With Classcraft, educators using Google Classroom can motivate students, and inspire them to care more about their behavior and academic performance.

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Classcraft & Google Classroom

So you’re using Google Classroom. What’s next?

Motivating students to cheer each other on.

Classcraft intrinsically motivates students by harnessing gaming principles that meet their psychological needs for autonomy, competency, and social relationships.

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Teacher with two students looking to a chromebook at their desk

Classcraft 🤝 Google Classroom

Classcraft integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom. Use Google assignments to create exciting personalized learning adventures in Classcraft.

Import Google Classroom rosters in seconds and let students log in with their accounts

Attach Google Drive files to your lessons and messages in the game

Reward students for Google Classroom assignments and grades directly in Classcraft

Supercharge your existing curriculum!

Screenshot of the Classcraft personalized learning module - Quests - that integrates with Google Classroom

Send your students on some amazing Quests

Transform your Google Docs and assignments into personalized, self-paced learning adventures and make your lesson plans even more engaging by adding them to Classcraft Quests.

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Classcraft quest objective with the Google Form logo on it

Up your game with Google Form Quizzes

Easily incorporate Google quizzes into Quests through your Google account. This makes your assessments self-paced, automatically graded, and a whole lot of fun!

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Illutration from the Classcraft universe where some characters are looking at the Tower in the center of the Voek Island

Discover the magic of Story Mode!

Your students will love these prewritten storylines for Quests. As they become more invested in the characters and plot twists, they’ll feel compelled to overcome challenges they need to develop prosocial behaviors and boost their SEL competencies.

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Screenshot of the Classcraft Quests Marketplace

To Marketplace we go!

Take advantage of hundreds of lessons and storylines created by educators and publishers that cover every grade and subject in our Quests Marketplace.

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Research and results

Classcraft has been proven to increase engagement with Chrome book rollouts.

  • 2X increase in participation in tasks requiring a device
  • 89% improvement in digital citizenship
  • 6X increase in in sophisticated / independent device use

Sel and PBIS alignment

“Classcraft’s interpretation of PBIS and its understanding of the connection to SEL is advanced and enlightened.”

The power of collaboration

This study found that Classcraft has an influence on how students collaborate with their teammates and that the game reaches its objective of fostering social engagement.

Case study

East Paulding Middle School near Atlanta saw an 85% decrease in referrals after using Classcraft for PBIS for only one term.

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