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Create learning adventures for your students by overlaying your existing learning activities and content onto interactive quest maps.
Each stop on the map consists of a learning activity, which could be a worksheet, video, quiz, printout, etc.
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As students complete activities, the experience unfolds in a choose-your-own-adventure fashion, getting them excited to see out what happens next!
Seamless Google Classroom Integration
Use Google assignments to create exciting personalized learning adventures in Classcraft.
A Classcraft quest A healer with her pet A warrior with his pet

Turn Lesson Plans into Epic Quests!

Create self-paced, personalized learning adventures for students out of existing lessons. Explore the Quests Marketplace and find hundreds of lessons for every subject, grade, and standard.

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Import Google Classroom rosters in seconds and let students sign in with their accounts
Attach Google Drive files to your lessons and messages in the game
Reward students for Google Classroom assignments and grades directly in Classcraft
See Why Educators Love Classcraft

See Why Educators Love Classcraft

Dr. Maurice J. Elias, Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University

“Classcraft’s interpretation of PBIS and its understanding of the connection to SEL is advanced and enlightened.”

"I feel like we've been using Classcraft for years and years and years because it's become so embedded in the foundation of the way we do things."

Lorrie Masey, 6th Grade Science Teacher

“My district test scores went from a 42% pass to 82% pass, and Classcraft is the only thing I changed!”

“The versatility of Classcraft is amazing! ... It would fit into almost any subject at almost any grade level.“

“Students are more motivated than ever to try new challenges!”

“(My students) had so many ideas ... it reinforced how much they bought into Classcraft.”

“I have seen such a dramatic change in my classes in just the four months I’ve been using the program, and I want other teachers to have that.”

“I love all the features of Classcraft ... but what has had the most impact is how I can highlight the learner behaviors I want to see in my students, starting with kindness.”

Heritage school building small image
Heritage School
Group of students with their hands raised while Classcraft is shown on the smartboard
Mr. R's warriors on the rise this morning in 6th ELA! @classcraftgame
Portrait of Rob McKenzie
Rob McKenzie
Group of students with their laptops showing Classcraft
My students literally shrieked with excitement when they discovered there is new armor and pets in @classcraftgame!
Family picture
Mr. Peebles
Group of students seated together discussing
Teams worked together to determine best answer in BossBattles on inferences, key details, main idea @classcraftgame
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