Group of smiling students gathered together around a desk and looking at an unidentified object in front of them

We believe in the power of positivity

Our mission is to motivate students to reach their full potential through playful, collaborative and sustainable learning experiences that promote growth and human connection.

All students have the potential to thrive

We believe that classrooms can be reimagined using modern pedagogy to create learning environments that are culturally relevant and impactful for today’s youth. It’s our belief that fostering non-curricular cognitive skills like collaboration, empathy, leadership, communication, and self-expression will be critical in helping prepare them for the changes they will face as adults.

Classcraft employees having fun at a team-building event

Our values drive our culture

We wholeheartedly believe in living the values that we try to help foster in students. We’re all about having fun, collaborating and growing while we dive into our work.

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