A new world of behavior change awaits!

Achieve equitable outcomes with your SEL, PBIS, MTSS and behavioral RTI initiatives.

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Bring the best out of your school

Designed by educators, Classcraft provides behavioral insight and motivational support for students, teachers, schools, and districts to collaborate and grow in one empathetic learning environment.

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Motivate students to be more invested in their learning and each other

By exhibiting positive behavior and completing assignments, students unlock real-life privileges and recognition to help themselves and their team. Learning becomes a way to encourage students to advocate for one another and feel empowered in the classroom and in life.

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Connecting with your students has never been easier

Building meaningful relationships with students is the key to great classroom management. Integrating SEL and mental health into your classroom will help them nurture critical soft skills in the school day and beyond.

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Build a thriving community of support in your school

Empower school staff — be it guidance counselors, bus drivers, or hall monitors— to engage in your school culture. Get the best-in-class tools to manage PBIS, MTSS, and SEL initiatives with powerful analytics to better understand how your students are actually doing and drive better outcomes around referrals, attendance, and academic success.

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Manage behavior at scale across all your schools

In addition to experiencing schoolwide benefits, ensure continuity and consistency of your mental health, climate, and culture initiatives by unifying your approach at the district level. High-fidelity data provides clear insights into what’s working, what’s not, and how to create informed and intentional progress to support all learners.

Redesigned with everyone in mind

Implementations made easy

Classcraft is designed to adapt and progress with teachers to meet their individual comfort levels while ensuring students get a consistent experience all day long.

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With you every step of the way

Classcraft’s learning team of educators will accompany teachers virtually as they learn to use the platform. Tailored PD is also available to support you with SEL and soft skill development.

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Intrinsic motivation for all

Classcraft helps you master the science of student motivation. As you use the tools, you’ll move beyond rewards and become more adept at fostering intrinsic motivation.

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Real schools getting real results