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Make School 
  • Collaborative
  • Engaging
  • Powerful
  • Epic!

When school is in session, Classcraft brings it to life!

The gallup survey showing the engagement issue in schools

Engagement Is the Biggest Issue Facing Our Schools Today

The gallup survey showing the engagement issue in schools

The world is changing, and so is the classroom. Real learning only happens when students are deeply engaged. Now more than ever, it's important to make school relevant and meaningful to today's students in order to prepare them for the future.

Classcraft Is an Engagement Management System (EMS)

Classcraft gives educators a powerful set of tools while connecting real-life intervention with engagement data from existing content, platforms, and systems. This has a profound impact on educational outcomes that are key to student success:

  • Academic Performance
  • Classroom Behavior
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • School Climate
  • Attendance & Suspension
  • Student Motivation

Transform the School Experience

Reframe student progress

Motivate students by turning their progress in school into a game they play together through the year. Rewire social dynamics to build a supportive environment where students thrive.

A team of Classcraft avatars composed of a mage a warrior and a healer

Discover a powerful toolbox

Make classroom management a breeze with effective tools that support learning in any grade or subject. Make formative assessment fun with monster battles, keep noise levels to a minimum, and more!

Classcraft loot crate with a glowing treasure inside a book on the right of it and a little dragon on the left

Create a living ecosystem

Made by an educator, for educators. Classcraft adds a powerful layer to any instructional style. Foster social emotional learning and cultivate positive culture across all classrooms in your school.

A chameleon an owl and a fox from Classcraft

Make smart, data-driven decisions

Deep analytics give you real-time data on progress and engagement schoolwide. Make informed decisions and achieve student and teacher success.

Classcraft dashboard for school climat index and engagement index

See Why Educators Love Classcraft

“Classcraft’s interpretation of PBIS and its understanding of the connection to SEL is advanced and enlightened.”

"I feel like we've been using Classcraft for years and years and years because it's become so embedded in the foundation of the way we do things."

“The versatility of Classcraft is amazing! ... It would fit into almost any subject at almost any grade level.“

“Students are more motivated than ever to try new challenges!”

“(My students) had so many ideas ... it reinforced how much they bought into Classcraft.”

“My district test scores went from a 42% pass to 82% pass, and Classcraft is the only thing I changed!”

“I have seen such a dramatic change in my classes in just the four months I’ve been using the program, and I want other teachers to have that.”

“I love all the features of Classcraft ... but what has had the most impact is how I can highlight the learner behaviors I want to see in my students, starting with kindness.”

Turn Lesson Plans into Epic Quests!

Create self-paced, personalized learning adventures for students out of existing lessons. Explore the Quests Marketplace and find hundreds of lessons for every subject, grade, and standard.

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