Classroom Management

When a classroom runs smoothly, teachers are more fulfilled in their work, students are more engaged, and relationships become truly positive. Great classroom management makes it all happen.


Bringing your classroom into balance

For many educators, classroom management is one of the hardest parts of the job. How do you deliver effective and engaging lessons, encourage positive behavior, and nurture a strong classroom culture all at once?

Classcraft helps you bring all three of these elements into a powerful balance while taking extra time and stress out of the equation. What’s left is everything you love about teaching.

Present, positive, and ready to learn

Classcraft combines and streamlines the essential ingredients of engagement, motivation, and behavior support to help make your classroom more manageable and successful.

Fun and practical tools

Whether you need to organize efficient and productive group activities, create brain breaks to prevent mental fatigue, or just get your students settled and ready to learn, our Class Tools are perfect for helping you keep everyone attentive and on task.

Reinforcement that works

With an easy class setup that lets you choose the behavior goals you want to focus on, and game-inspired point systems that genuinely motivate, Classcraft makes it simple to provide meaningful feedback in real time and build positive habits that stick.

Real-world rewards

To help each student feel the full benefits of their positive behavior — and set inspiring examples for their classmates to follow — use powers to reward them with customizable, real-world privileges like having an extra day to complete an assignment.

The beauty of relationships

With more and more research showing the profound effect that positive relationships have on student behavior and outcomes, it’s only right that this factor gets the attention it deserves.

A collaborative adventure

We draw from the language and culture of games to help you spark connections and bonding experiences between students that are as genuine and powerful as the ones they have outside the classroom. Even better — you get to be a part of those connections, too.

Clear and fair consequences

When consequences are clear and students see that Classcraft carries them out in a fair and impartial way, it’s easier to avoid strain on student-teacher relationships, create opportunities for fun-spirited teachable moments, and reframe mistakes as necessary steps for growth and improvement.

Recognition and celebration

There’s a lot that learners can accomplish in Classcraft, and celebrating them is essential to classroom culture and relationships. Features like Kudos and our year-end report allow you — or students themselves — to shine a light on good deeds, recognize achievements, and more.

Teachers ❤️ Classcraft

[Classcraft] just takes away a lot of the behaviors that were [preventing students from] getting started and getting their own learning going, so this has been a time-saver for [teachers], not having to direct all the behaviors themselves.

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