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Good Classroom Management Is Essential for Successful Teaching

Learning grows in a well-managed classroom.

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Improve Classroom Management Every Day

When a classroom runs smoothly, everyone benefits. Students are more productive and actively participate in their instruction. By saving time on management, teachers can ensure everyone receives the best education possible.

Level Up Learning for the Entire Class

Classcraft takes education from a solo journey to a collaborative adventure where students actively participate in classroom management. The program introduces risks and rewards that encourage teamwork and involves teachers and students in creating an engaging learning environment.


Provide meaningful feedback and rewards in real time to build positive habits that stick.


Give tangible consequences in a playful way to diffuse and discourage negative actions.


Motivate students to go above and beyond by recognizing exemplary behavior.


Offer customizable privileges, like eating in class, that students unlock as they progress.

Foster Collaborative Learning

A successful classroom promotes collaborative learning and gives students the structure to manage themselves and hold each other accountable.

In Classcraft, students must work together, and the choices they make in real-life have an impact on their teammates. Having real risks and rewards motivates students to support one another both academically and socially.

Create Hero Moments

A positive classroom leads to powerful learning experiences that teach students how to better support, encourage, and relate to one another.

When students are struggling, teammates can come to their aid, creating significant moments that foster social and emotional learning (SEL). Over time, students become more mindful of their classroom as a community and value one another’s needs.

Help Students Feel Empowered at School

Create an environment built on student achievement where the whole class feels energized. Watch school become a collective experience!

As students start self-regulating their behavior and look out for one another, your classroom operates with more ease and efficiency.

See How Classcraft Is Changing Teachers’ Classrooms

“I consider myself really good at classroom management but MAN this is making me a classroom management god! Kids policing themselves, helping out kids that they don’t get along with, staying on task, kids ENJOYING reviews with the boss battle … WOW.”

“Classcraft wraps your curriculum in gaming. Perfect middle grades and up. Much more student centered than Dojo. You can customize it to immerse you classroom in the game or just use the basics. 100% Classcraft!

“The @classcraftgame timer with noise meter is #thebestthingsinceslicedbread #orderinthechaos”