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Accelerate your district’s success by leveraging Classcraft’s powerful real-time insights to gain a deeper understanding of what’s actually working.

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Make the Invisible Visible

Teenage students working together on a tablet in class

Whether making major decisions or helping individual students, there’s a lot happening at every school that’s been difficult to measure and understand … until today!

Classcraft’s in-class game experience generates valuable new data that makes it easy to view, compare, and improve instructions and interventions. A student performance dashboard reveals a complete picture of learning by tracking school climate, behavior, engagement, SEL development, PBIS, and academic performance.

Teenage students working together on a tablet in class
Schoolgirl in front of the class with her teacher

Classcraft’s Insights Allow You to Dig Deeper

Schoolgirl in front of the class with her teacher

It’s critical for school leaders to know exactly why, where, and how to drive transformational growth. Classcraft’s student engagement data provides key insights to help unlock smarter decision-making and targeted action where it counts. Here’s how:

Align your team
Increase engagement and behavior management across your district, school, or grade level by establishing common language, goals, and measurable student actions.
Strengthen schoolwide buy-in
Identify and build upon the teacher inputs which most profoundly impact students feeling encouraged, invested, and agents of their own learning.
Measure student progress
Track the impact and effectiveness of district initiatives and use actionable data to build better engagement, motivation, and competence.

Classcraft school performance dashboard

Better Insights Empowers Better Teaching

Classcraft school performance dashboard

By augmenting SIS and LMS data with Classcraft’s unique insights, educators benefit from a more nuanced and complete picture of the whole learner and system.


Explore the causes of school climate in real-time beneath the symptomatic surface of attendance and disciplinary data.


Increase reflection and skill with pedagogical approaches, communication, and personalized learning.


Track, trend, and support students’ positive learning behavior, collaboration, and engagement to understand how they’re developing over time.

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