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Designed to optimize PBIS

Research has shown that PBIS is the best framework educators have for developing the competencies students need to become better learners and for preventing an escalation of negative behaviors. But when it comes to helping educators make sustained improvements to student behavior at the system-level — in a variety of settings — traditional implementations of PBIS can often fall short.

This happens for four main reasons:

  • Students stop buying in over time
  • PBIS was originally designed for brick-and-mortar learning environments
  • Traditional implementations often lack consistency
  • Without proper behavioral data collection, conducting Tier 2 — and preventing Tier 3 — interventions becomes extremely challenging

Classcraft is a robust and effective schoolwide behavior management system that helps educators achieve their behavior goals by doing these four key things:

Prioritizing a ‘motivation-first’ approach to keep students engaged long term

Incorporating a modern approach to PBIS that works effectively for in-person, hybrid, or online learning

Keeping implementation of schoolwide behavior management consistent

Providing data and insights for seamless Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions

Smiling middle schooler standing in the school hallway while holding a jacket and other personal itemsTwo graphics of positive behaviors students can be rewarded for with Classcraft. The first example is 'Being extra helpful. The second example is 'Being positive and hard-working in class'

Benefits of using our PBIS tracking software:

  • Built-in framework for setting clear behavior expectations at scale
  • Pre-designed behavior settings aligned with common standards like CASEL’s SEL and ISTE Student Standards
  • High-fidelity data collection and analytics to help personalize student behavior interventions
  • Schoolwide configuration tools like Collective Feedback that promote fidelity with district priorities
  • Suite of engaging class tools for encouraging students and teaching positive behaviors
  • Built-in PBIS rewards management (School Store feature) and PBIS point system
  • Enhanced security and dedicated implementation support
  • Easy rostering with apps like Clever and Classlink
  • The list goes on!

More than just behavior compliance

Classcraft motivates students by speaking to them in a language they understand. Yes, it’s a PBIS application, but it’s also a platform for human connection. We help educators create fun and authentic learning experiences that inspire students to tap into the power of their own positive behavior. And when that happens, the results are pure magic!

Four smiling students looking at the screen of a laptop computer.
Teacher standing at front of a classroom and explaining something to the students who are sitting at their desks

Case Study: Tabor City Middle School

Discipline issues dropped dramatically after this principal used Classcraft for schoolwide PBIS.

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