Discover Story Mode! | Classcraft Story Guidebook

Bring the magic of story to your lessons

Discover a beautifully illustrated narrative set in the Classcraft universe. Story Mode delivers prewritten storylines for Quests, a free tool that turns your lessons into a collaborative learning adventure.

Start the story

Stories keep students engaged

For many students, remote learning is a recipe for distraction.

Quests lets you personalize online instruction for different learners. When paired with Story Mode, it transforms rote coursework into compelling adventures with twists and turns.

Devices showing a quest map in Classcraft as well as characters from Story Mode

Save time with pre-made stories

Writing a good story takes hours. That’s time you need to focus on your classroom. Story Mode comes ready to use, with stories expertly crafted for you. All you have to do is add your lessons.

The science of storytelling

Storytelling activates more of the brain and aids in learning, whether remotely or in the classroom. It assists with memory recall and stimulates critical thinking.

As students grow to care about characters in a story, they learn how to overcome challenges, helping them develop prosocial behaviors and boosting their SEL competency.

Using Story Mode is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Import Episode 1

Episode 1 has three parts: Quest 1 (E1Q1), Quest 2 (E1Q2), and Quest 3 (E1Q3). Each story connects to the next like chapters in a novella.

2. Add your lessons

Create tasks with assignments, discussions, rewards, and more. Expand as needed with additional objectives.

3. Start the adventure!

Share the quests with your students. Track their progress and watch as they complete lessons, eager to continue the story!

Get started with Story Mode: Season 1

Season 1 is a continuous narrative you can enjoy all school year long. Experiencing the stories in sequence gets students more invested over time.

Play the Season 1 animated trailer to get your class excited, and let the adventure begin!

Questions? Our Teacher Guide answers your common FAQs.

Discover all 8 episodes!

Episode 1

“The Path of the Ancients”

Includes 3 Quests


Episode 2

“Secrets of the Sprites”

Includes 3 Quests


Episode 3

“The Heart of Karaz Island”

Includes 3 Quests


Episode 4

“A Mage Reborn”

Includes 3 Quests


Episode 5

“Troubled Homecoming”

Includes 3 Quests


Episode 6

“Relics of the Past”

Includes 3 Quests


Episode 7

“Riddle in the Sky”

Includes 2 Quests


Episode 8

“The Way Home”

Includes 1 Quest