Students holding a tablet with a screenshot of a Classcraft Quest


Take your students on a journey with story-driven personalized learning.

From lesson plans to SEL, Quests is an optional module that offers an exciting way for educators to enhance academic and behavioral processes in the classroom and schoolwide. Combining robust pedagogical research with the cultural relevance of games, they allow you to transform curriculum material into personalized learning experiences.

Adaptable, yet easy to use

As a curriculum-focused optional module within Classcraft, Quests can help you:

  • Incentivize greater engagement, motivation, and collaboration in the classroom
  • Create branching pathways that allow for RTI-based personalized learning
  • Integrate SEL and PBIS initiatives with curricula for more powerful behavior support
  • Track student progress and give meaningful feedback on performance
  • Seamlessly add Google Classroom assignments and quizzes to student journeys
  • Support intrinsic motivation by giving more value to characters, pets, and points

Want to create your own quest and apply it to one of our colorful and immersive maps? No problem! Prefer to start simple with pre-made journeys through our Story Mode feature or the teacher-driven Quests Marketplace? That’s awesome too!

Screenshot of Classcraft Quest
Smiling students and a teacher with laptops. Icons of a Classcraft Quest connects each student.

Self-paced, measurable, and CASEL-aligned

Through the Quests feature, we wanted to recognize learning for what it is — a learner-centered journey aligned with well-researched standards in order to lead to student success.

To accomplish this, we’ve developed a ready-made CASEL-aligned curriculum that includes over 80 hours of SEL instruction, complete with teacher guides and a captivating storyline. This allows you to deliver SEL instruction in a more engaging way, and even add your own material if desired. Meanwhile, real-time insights into student progress make it far easier to understand each student’s individual needs.

Together, these capabilities make Quests a truly powerful tool for personalizing both academic and social-emotional learning in a way that all students deserve.