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Classcraft for Teachers

Transform your classroom with simple yet powerful tools that save you time and streamline class management. Comfortable for you. Effective for your students.

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Discover the Benefits of Play in Your Classroom

Teacher with her iPad smiling and explaining something to a smiling student

Increase Student Engagement

Student learning is limitless when your classroom is engaged and motivated! Classcraft rewires social dynamics to build a fun, more empathetic classroom and create a supportive environment where every student thrives.

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Enjoy Easier Classroom Management

Foster powerful “hero” moments that make students accountable for their behavior and invested in their classmates’ success. When students work together, they earn points toward unlocking real-life privileges that benefit them or their team!

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Empower Every Student

Reach every student and supercharge your lesson plans with self-paced, personalized learning lessons that meet their level of competency. Quests are fun choose-your-own-adventures that can be adapted to a student’s unique learning needs.

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How Does It Work?

Teachers launch the adventure!

Use the teacher app to create your classes and customize rules.

Students level up and progress

Teams earn real privileges that motivate and help them in class.

Everyone has a voice and choice

Students become accountable for their behavior and to their team.

The learning journey is transformed!

Involve parents and teachers for a powerful school experience.

Start Playing in Minutes!

All you need to get started are the tools you use every day! No downloads needed — just your browser or mobile device.

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A Powerful, All-in-One Toolbox

Classcraft is so much more than classroom management. Discover a robust suite of tools to help you make every day fun and exciting. Use as few or as many as you like!

Your Lessons + Narrative = Better Learning Experiences

Create self-paced, personalized learning adventures for your students out of your existing lessons.

Explore the Quests Marketplace and find hundreds of lessons and storylines made by teachers and education publishers for every subject, grade, and standard.

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Build Positive Classroom Culture with Interactive Tools

Classcraft’s additional features help you to create a collective experience that drives student engagement and fosters social emotional learning.

Two students using Classcraft Quests on their computers and two other students working on the same computer
Random Selector icon

Random Picker

Add elements of surprise to energize your lessons!



Integrate time into daily activities to pace lessons and keep students on task.

Random Events icon

Random Events

Build positive social relationships with quick, fun events that make every class exciting.

Volume Meter icon

Volume Meter

Measure class noise in real time. The class earns treasure when they're quiet!

Boss Battles icon

Boss Battles

Make formative assessment into a collaborative monster battle where the whole class works together.

Grade Converter icon

Grade Converter

Give grades new meaning by converting academic scores into points that level up students’ characters.

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Track student behavior over time and compare performance with the class average.