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Classcraft for teachers

Combine the power of gamification with a variety of easy-to-use classroom management tools to make for happier, more engaged students.

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Motivate your students, streamline your classroom management

Being a teacher means spinning a lot of plates — from lesson plans to behavior intervention and more, not to mention building positive relationships while keeping motivation strong. These are hefty challenges, especially when students are disengaged and time is limited.

Created by a teacher, Classcraft is built to not only help you engage your students and manage your classroom, but also make your job far easier along the way.

How it works

We believe the key to both teacher and student success lies in motivation, collaboration, and positive relationships. We’ve combined these principles with familiar game mechanics to create a fun and powerful learning experience.

Built for all teachers, Classcraft is simple to implement and requires minimal time to start using. Here are just some of the goals it can help you achieve:

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Get students immersed in their learning with customizable characters

Examples of Classcraft experience points with text reading 'Respecting others, being positive and hardworking, taking others in consideration when making a decision, helping others when they need it.'

Incentivize and reward positive behavior with gamified point systems

Screenshot of Classcraft SEL templates

Save time on classroom management with a streamlined interface and CASEL-aligned SEL templates

Screenshot of examples of Classcraft kudos

Foster student collaboration and peer recognition using Kudos

Student holding tablet with screenshot of Classcraft Quest

Easily turn lesson plans into personalized learning adventures with Quests

Screenshot of Classcraft's Canvas integration

Seamlessly integrate class materials from Google Classroom and Canvas

Illustration of Classcraft creature with screenshot of the Boss Battle activity feature

Make formative assessments fun and effective with Boss Battles

Icons and examples of Classcraft Class Tools

Keep students motivated and excited during class time with Class Tools

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Easy to use, top-notch support

The thought of bringing a new set of tools into the mix can seem intimidating for any teacher. Thankfully, Classcraft’s in-house experts are deeply devoted to teacher success and well-being, so they’ll be by your side to make implementation as simple and fun as possible.

With years of experience in both our feature set and the field of education, they’re a big part of what makes Classcraft such an approachable and rewarding experience. Our personalized support is unique among teaching platforms and is one of our biggest points of pride!

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