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Student Engagement Matters

Engagement has a profound impact on everything in your classroom, from student behavior, motivation, and academic performance to the overall culture. When engagement drops, learning suffers.

Through gaming principles that address motivation, Classcraft’s ecosystem of integrated tools reframes your students' progress in school as a collaborative game they play together throughout the year — rewiring social dynamics to build a fun, more empathetic classroom and facilitating a supportive environment where students thrive.

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Promote Collaboration with Easier Classroom Management

In Classcraft, students play in teams and create characters that become their virtual identity. By earning points for positive behavior, students unlock real-life privileges that benefit them collectively and individually.

Classcraft’s unique approach to collaboration creates accountability among students. Each student's choices have an impact on their teammates’ characters, ultimately making them invested in one another. When they behave out of line, students can come to their team’s aid, becoming each other’s heroes. This creates powerful learning moments that foster social emotional (SEL) development in any classroom.

Drive Better Academic Performance with Quests

Classcraft makes it easy to encourage students academically. Quests act as a choose-your-own adventure that adapts itself to a student’s mastery of the subject at hand. By creating self-paced, personalized learning lessons to accommodate unique difficulties, you can transform your lesson plans to meet a student’s level of competency.

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Quests for All Subjects and Grades

Make lesson planning easy! Discover quests created by other educators and quality publishers like Discovery Educator Network, LRNG, and Newsela through our new Quests Marketplace.

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Build Positive Classroom Culture with Interactive Tools

Classcraft’s additional features help you to create a collective experience that drives student engagement and fosters social emotional learning.

  • Random Selector

    Add elements of surprise to energize your lessons!

  • Timer & Countdown

    Integrate time into daily activities to pace lessons and keep students on task.

  • Random Events

    Build positive social relationships with quick, fun events that make every class exciting.

  • Volume Meter

    Measure class noise in real time and award treasure when students are quiet.

  • Boss Battles

    Make formative assessment into a collaborative monster battle where the whole class works together.

  • Grade Converter

    Give grades meaning by converting assignment and test scores into points that level up students’ characters.

  • Analytics

    Track student behavior over time and compare performance with the class average.

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