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Fall in love with teaching all over again

When you and your students are connected, teaching is more fulfilling.

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Turn school
into fun & games

By harnessing the power of games and stories — things kids love — Classcraft helps you turn your class into an experience that your students can’t get enough of.

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Results you’ll feel, every single day

Get back to what you love about teaching

  1. Happier classrooms
  2. Students who hang on your every word — and cheer each other on
  3. Relationships that remind you how much your teaching matters

Inspire your students to amaze you

  1. Better grades and test scores
  2. Stronger non-cognitive and social emotional skills
  3. Closer relationships with other students
  4. A clearer sense of purpose and what’s expected of them

Games aren’t at the heart of Classcraft. Learning is.

Classcraft helps you combine everything you love about teaching with everything that your students love about games — while adding minimal screen time.

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Earn points for real-world actions

When students demonstrate good behaviors in school — like doing their homework, helping other students, or performing well academically — teachers can reward students with XP.

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Level up and unlock cool gear & real life powers

Over time, earning XP allows students to earn rewards that they actually care about. Things like cool gear for their avatar, or privileges like more time on an assignment.

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Collaboration is at the heart of the experience

With Classcraft, students learn how to work together and accomplish more while having fun.

Capture your students’ attention

Classcraft’s powerful suite of tools gives you everything you need to create a learning experience that motivates students to engage.

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Classroom management

Build a positive culture with tools like Random Events or the Volume Meter.

Formative assessment

Start a collaborative monster battle where the whole class works together with Boss Battles.


Stay connected with your students through in-app messaging.


Find hundreds of lessons and storylines made by teachers and publishers for every subject, grade, and standard in our Quest Marketplace.

Teachers Classcraft

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Survey says...

We talked to 1000+ teachers using Classcraft.
Here’s what we found:

  • 99%of teachers say it's had apositive impact on classroom atmosphere
  • 98%of teachers say it'sincreased student engagement
  • 88%of teachers reported anincrease in academic performance
  • 82%of teachers reportedimproved attendance as aresult of using Classcraft

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