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Classcraft’s SEL Platform

Social emotional support for all students.

SEL support, reimagined

Recent research in 2021 found that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) can improve students’ social and emotional skills and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. SEL combined with the proper support can have a positive effect on a students’ confidence, behavior, emotional distress and academic performance.

Teachers need help to manage their classrooms effectively and help their students grow. As the study shows, current interventions don’t always work.

  • Students lose interest over time
  • Traditional SEL implementations are based on extrinsic motivation which doesn’t keep students engaged in learning
  • Traditional implementations often lack consistency

Classcraft is a modern and robust behavior management system that helps educators achieve their behavior goals by doing these four key things:

Prioritizes an ‘intrinsic motivation’ approach to keep students engaged long term

Using a modern approach to SEL through the power of play that works effectively for in-person, hybrid, or remote learning

Providing a school wide implementation that keeps behavior management consistent across all classrooms

Providing hi-fidelity data for all educators to address and fully support every student

A student point pointing to the copy the reads 'What you get with our SEL platform'

What you get with our SEL platform

  • Pre-designed behavior settings aligned with common standards like CASEL’s SEL and ISTE Student Standards
  • Seamless integrations with Canvas and Google Classroom
  • High-fidelity data collection and analytics to help personalize student behavior interventions
  • School wide configuration tools like Collective Feedback that promotes parent-teacher-staff support
  • Suite of engaging class tools for encouraging students and teaching positive behaviors
  • Built-in SEL rewards management (School Store feature) and PBIS point system
  • Free resources and engaging PD directly with our team of Learning Specialists

We speak their language

Classcraft motivates students by using the language often found in the video games they play. While thisis a behavior management platform, it’s also an avenue for human connection. We help educators create fun and authentic learning experiences that inspire students to engage in learning and each other. The results are limitless.

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