Engaged Students
Are Empowered Learners

Classcraft uses the motivating gaming principles to create a positive student experience. With timesaving tools, Classcraft puts students in control of their learning process, reinforces collaboration, streamlines classroom management, and builds a better learning experience.

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How Classcraft Fosters More Engaged Students

When students enjoy school, they care about what they are learning and are more involved. Classcraft helps motivate your students by making the classroom stimulating and promoting positive behaviors that teach them to be better learners.

Positive Habits

Tailored to your class and teaching style, Classcraft helps you encourage positive behaviors as they happen. Reinforce the actions you want to see with real rewards now, leading to fewer interventions later.

3 students in the library working on a computer

Student Choice

Students can easily choose how to progress in the game and can learn powers they find motivating. They advance faster when they help teammates who are struggling. Teams triumph when they work together.

3 students working as a team on a tablet


Because their teammates depend on them, students become accountable for their behavior. Knowing that positive actions benefit them and their team encourages students to support one another.

2 classmates giving each other a high five


Easily implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) with classroom engagement tools to manage and reinforce actions. Customize class rules and procedures to set clear expectations, then reward points for instant feedback and to foster positive behavior.

Classcraft green lemur pet with a treasure chest

Amplify Academic Performance

Classcraft green lemur pet with a treasure chest

Classcraft helps encourage students academically with an ecosystem of integrated tools that drive deeper engagement. Take students on a quest for knowledge and watch them become invested in their own success!

Boss Battles
Change the way students learn and prepare for tests and quizzes. Reframe formative assessment as a game students play together, with every right answer helping them to defeat a monster.
The Grade Converter
Give grades more meaning by turning test scores into game points that level up students’ characters. Google Classroom integration makes it easy to import assignments, track student progress, and award points when students complete their work.
Turn lesson plans into personalized, self-paced learning adventures that adapt to a student’s mastery of a subject. The choose-your-own-adventure style can accommodate unique difficulties and transform your lessons to meet a student’s ability.

Create an Engaged Classroom Culture

Classcraft helps you transform the classroom into a welcoming place. This creates more opportunities for students to connect positively and engage more deeply with lessons, one another, and you.

3 students working on an assignment collaboratively

Inclusive Learning Environment

Since their behavior affects the whole team, students start looking out for one another. As they develop their sense of belonging, the classroom grows into a positive environment that's ideal for learning.

5 students in class looking in our direction, smiling

Social Emotional Learning

By working in teams, students learn the value of collaboration and establish positive behavior habits. A culture is created that reflects an atmosphere of kindness, dignity, and mutual respect.

5 students with their hands raised to answer the teacher's question

Happier Classrooms

Bring the whole class together with the fun, silly challenges of Random Events or the gripping excitement of Boss Battles. Build an amazing classroom through teamwork and incorporate student ideas into customizable game aspects.

See How Classcraft Is Changing Teachers’ Classrooms

Winning moment of the day comes from 6th Grade … Briefly explained how we are going to use @classcraftgame … student raised hand and said, “I just want to say thank you because you are making homework fun!

“First day of @classcraftgame was fantastic! Students were 100% engaged. They are getting their parents to sign up to earn their pets! This is going to be so fun!”

“I’ve done Classcraft with as young as 3rd grade and they loved it. My 5th graders love it (now). It’s more team building then classdojo and really helps my students build relationships.”