Student Engagement

Every educator hopes to get their students fully immersed in learning. Designed to do just that, Classcraft captures their interest and holds their attention — creating a classroom that’s fun for them and you.

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Tap into what they love

The school experience is changing in new ways every year, and everyone is facing their own set of challenges. The risks of learner disengagement and poor attendance are high, and the gap between students’ inner lives and their school lives is as wide as it’s ever been.

One way to rekindle that engagement — and make it last — is to take what students already love and build it into their learning. This is what we’re all about.

Help them be their best

Discover how Classcraft can bring out the best in your students while improving both classroom and school culture in the long term.

Genuine motivation

Ensuring the right outcomes for students is about setting up the right kinds of motivation. Classcraft provides an experience that will resonate with them culturally and personally, driving them to genuinely care about their learning, academic performance, and behavior.

More positive behavior

Our focus on the power of PBIS and SEL gives Classcraft a unique capacity to create a more positive classroom environment, whether in general or special education settings. Every student can be motivated to meet expectations and learn crucial social-emotional skills.

Stronger relationships

At the heart of every classroom are the relationships you form with your students and the ones they form with each other. Our goal is to help you nurture collaboration, communication, and deeper connections through a sense of play and shared experience.

Spark new excitement for learning

To make all of the above a reality, we’ve created a set of features that students find truly immersive, rewarding, and fun. Oh, and you’ll love them too, of course.

Long-term incentives

From character customization to pets and powers, students have compelling incentives and exciting real-world rewards that motivate them to not only complete assignments and be engaged with their learning, but to maintain that engagement and make progress over time.

Fun and easy tools

For the day-to-day needs of the classroom, our Class Tools do more than make your life easier as a teacher — they’re designed to prevent classroom disengagement before it happens by facilitating student collaboration, brain breaks, and attention-grabbing moments.

Captivating lessons

Just like Class Tools, our Quests module is both teacher-oriented and student-centric. When lessons become journeys, and content becomes a story, learners are more invested than ever in devoting their attention to lesson material and turning in their work.

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