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Classcraft is ESSA Tier I Compliant

According to an in-depth meta-analysis aggregating 27 studies on Classcraft, our approach has demonstrated a statistically significant effect on improving student outcomes. The findings in this meta-analysis prove that Classcraft demonstrates a large impact (effect size d > 0.6) on motivation and learning achievement.

Tier I is the most rigorous tier of evidence by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) standards and requires deeper, qualitative research to substantiate it. As stated by (ESSA): Tier I – Strong Evidence: supported by one or more well-designed and well-implemented experimental studies.

What does this mean?
By demonstrating meticulous evidence-based success through in-depth research, not only does Classcraft meet ESSA standards, but it also qualifies for ESSA federal funding.

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Classcraft proven to directly impact learning and motivation

According to the meta-analysis, results have demonstrated that “Classcraft can efficiently create optimal gamification learning processes that can positively influence learning achievement and motivation.”

“...Classcraft can overall enhance gamification learning experiences (d = 0.61). According to the subgroup analysis, the effects on learning achievement (d = 0.621) are similar to those on motivation (d = 0.608). Therefore, the main conclusion of this question is that gamification platforms including Classcraft can positively influence learning achievement and motivation for optimal gamification learning experiences.”

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Classcraft is paving the way for happier and more engaged students

For other in-depth studies about Classcraft, please search Google Scholar.