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BasicPremiumSchools & Districts
Gamified classroom management
Students encourage positive behavior and 21st-century skills from teammates to earn game points and level up. Keep students motivated and invested in their work so you can focus on what matters: teaching.
Customizable characters
Students can mix and match gear to create unique avatars that level up with their progress in class. Watch students transform into epic heroes and super learners!
Parent features & messaging
Parents can see their child’s progress and motivate positive behavior at home by awarding points on the parent app. Strengthen connections with parents and guardians through in-app messaging.
Personalized learning Quests
Supercharge curriculum by adding lessons and resources online, teach digital citizenship with interactive discussions, and collect assignments. Access prewritten stories that turn lessons into collaborative learning adventures. Sync with Google Classroom and easily integrate Google Quizzes.
Interactive class tools
Powerful tools gamify your lessons and build positive classroom culture. Make formative assessment fun, keep class quiet and encourage students to recognize and celebrate positive behavior.
Extra incentives for students
Award students special points for going above and beyond, so they can unlock tons of awesome gear and pets for their characters.
School Dashboard
Leadership teams have full control and visibility over Classcraft at the school level. Easy rostering with Clever and Classlink, and behavior management at scale.
High-fidelity data
View deep analytics around positive and negative behavior, collaboration, and absenteeism. Measure the impact of interventions in real time and make better-informed, decisions based on Tier 1, 2, and 3 data.
Easy & effective tiered intervention
Premade configurations for setting clear behavior expectations for Tier 1 and interventions for Tier 2 and 3. Versatile reward system for face-to-face, hybrid or online learning. New features like Collective Feedback and School Store to optimize PBIS!
Enhanced security
Keep things safe and fun by enabling IP address tracking and profanity filtering for messages and comments.
Dedicated implementation support
Receive fast, personal attention from our Success Advocates who will empower you and your team to implement Classcraft effectively and support your growth within the platform.

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Federal funding for Classcraft is available through CARES Act and ESSA.

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