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Classcraft Ambassadors are a group of passionate teachers inspiring and supporting other educators with Classcraft, from their schools to communities all around the world. Join the movement today!

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Lead a Global Community of Educators

Support fellow teachers
Participate in discussions
Minimum 4x/year on forums
Present at events
Minimum 1x/year
Spread fun ideas
Promote your school
Share your lessons
Minimum 1 quest/year
Speak to media
Join live webinars

Unlock Tons of Epic Benefits

  • Special rank & badge
  • Lots of swag
  • Free Premium
  • Members-only group access
  • Discounts for your school
  • Hands-on PD coaching
  • Exclusive event opportunities
  • Featured social presence
  • Early beta invites

Become a Rockstar Educator

Ready to apply? Start your journey and discover even more opportunities to share your story, connect with other passionate educators, and help Classcraft have a deeper impact for the millions of students using it every day!

  • Employment offers
  • Mastery certification
  • Featured partner at events
  • Exclusive swag

Expect a response from our team in 1-2 weeks.

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