The Future Depends on Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning (SEL) programs for schools are critical because students flourish in life when they feel physically and emotionally safe, personally validated, engaged, and curious.

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Two students writing on their notebooks

SEL That Supports the Whole Student

Two students writing on their notebooks

Creating a school where SEL flourishes and students thrive requires investment in professional development, time, and resources. Classcraft makes it easy by creating a more powerful learning environment that organizes the classrooms in ways that systematically build and foster SEL.

Successful Schools Are SEL Driven

Strengthening SEL across classrooms, and throughout your school, helps students to see education as something they are part of, not something that is happening to them. When they are invested in making school a successful collective experience, everyone benefits.


Improve academic outcomes as students develop the ability to make constructive choices, take responsibility, and problem solve. Students learn from their experiences, challenges become exciting, and failures and success are seen as part of the learning process.


Observe improved behavior as students learn to recognize their emotions and assess their strengths and limitations. Their ability to manage their emotions and stress increases and so does their attitude about themselves, others, and school.


Develop emotional skills for the long term as students master the ability to navigate their emotions, reactions, and relationships. From the ground up, Classcraft helps educators integrate CASEL’s five core SEL competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.


Implementing SEL programs results in measurable economic benefits that significantly outweigh the costs. A 2015 study by researchers at Columbia University found that every $1 invested in programming sees an average return on investment of $11.

Infuse SEL Across Your School

Designed to address SEL at a systemic level in schools and districts, Classcraft’s apps for emotional intelligence have a profound impact on the development of critical soft skills like cooperation, communication, and self-management.


Give your students a voice by co-creating classroom norms with them. By getting their buy-in, you’ll see deeper engagement around positive behaviors.


Since their progress in the game depends on their ability to contribute and work together, students develop stronger, more honest relationships with their classmates.


Turn school into an adventure where students learn in a fun and stimulating way, leading to powerful results in attendance, grades, and graduation rates.

Tools for a Healthier School

Classcraft rewires classroom social dynamics by mapping the latest gaming principles to the existing school experience. By linking game success to their peers’, students model important prosocial behaviors. New analytic tools help educators promote and track positive SEL development in real-time.


Use an approach that resonates with students while giving teachers the ability to personalize learning and provide feedback. Classcraft enables schools to have a more iterative approach to encouraging positive behavior that works.


Social emotional learning curriculum gives students the tools they need for success inside and outside the classroom. Classcraft provides the structure for schools and teachers to align on, implement, and effectively teach SEL skills.


Use clear data to take an evidence-based approach to make decisions that improve the performance of your school. Classcraft gives you the tools needed to analyze and measure SEL growth, across any age group.

See How Classcraft Is Shaping Schools

Winning moment of the day comes from 6th Grade … Briefly explained how we are going to use @classcraftgame … student raised hand and said, “I just want to say thank you because you are making homework fun!

“First day of @classcraftgame was fantastic! Students were 100% engaged. They are getting their parents to sign up to earn their pets! This is going to be so fun!”

“I’ve done Classcraft with as young as 3rd grade and they loved it. My 5th graders love it (now). It’s more team building then classdojo and really helps my students build relationships.”