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Create an online school store for your PBIS program

Classcraft TeamMarch 1, 2021

Rewarding students for positive behavior is at the heart of PBIS. But managing a PBIS store takes up valuable time, and it often doesn’t translate well to a distance learning environment. 

We’re introducing the School Store feature to give schools and districts an easier way to reward positive behaviors by bringing their PBIS store online. With this new feature, administrators can reward students, manage behavior, AND manage their PBIS reward stores — all in one place! 

Classcraft’s School Store feature enables administrators to create an online store for PBIS that allows students to redeem GP (Gold Pieces) earned in Classcraft for physical rewards. The School Store feature launches for schools and districts using Classcraft on March 1.

How to create an online school store with Classcraft

Teachers, administrators, and designated staff members can access the School Store feature through their dashboard when using the mobile web version of Classcraft. Teachers can also access the store through their profile menu or the Game Dashboard, making it easy for them to use it in the classroom.

In the School Store, teachers or staff members designate the student who is redeeming the reward. Then, they enter in the name of the item the student is purchasing and the amount of GP required to purchase the item. The amount of GP spent is then deducted from students’ overall total. Students can still use GP for in-game rewards like gear for their character!

In the School Dashboard, administrators can gain insights into trends in student behavior — including which students are redeeming the most rewards.

Extrinsic rewards meets intrinsic motivation

We understand the role that reward stores play in many PBIS implementations, and with the launch of the School Store, we’re excited to enable administrators to experience the benefits of Classcraft while leveling up their PBIS store.

Classcraft offers digital rewards designed to foster intrinsic motivation. But the extrinsic motivation provided by rewards from the School Store plays an important role in keeping students engaged in the near term. 

Leveling up PBIS with Classcraft

With the launch of the School Store feature, we’ve addressed a common need for educators with PBIS initiatives: making it easier to manage their PBIS store.

The School Store is the latest feature we’ve released specifically for educators using Classcraft to implement a PBIS or other tiered intervention initiative. It comes shortly on the heels of our release of Collective Feedback, a feature that makes it possible for any designated administrator, teacher, or staff member to award points for positive behaviors.

If you’re interested in using Classcraft for PBIS, get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more.

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