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Get the whole school involved in positive behavior management

Classcraft TeamJanuary 11, 2021

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It might be the start of a new term, but at Classcraft, we’re picking up right where we left off, bringing administrators features to promote positive student behavior and school culture during what is still a challenging school year.

Introducing: Classcraft’s Collective Feedback

PBIS is an awesome way to improve individual student behavior and school culture. One of its critical components is rewarding students for exhibiting positive behaviors — not just in the classroom, but also anywhere within the school environment.

On Jan. 13, we’re debuting our new feature called Collective Feedback that makes PBIS even more impactful by allowing administrators, as well as any other staff member, to reward students.

Why it matters

  • With Collective Feedback, staff members can not only reward positive behaviors — they can do so within a system that fosters intrinsic motivation, promotes consistent implementation, and provides support for at-risk students.
  • When students can earn points anywhere within a school, they’re more likely to exhibit positive behaviors, no matter where they are.
  • Having a common framework and language for PBIS that spans a school’s entire staff enhances the fidelity of the implementation and improves outcomes.

How does it work?

Here’s a look at what to expect when using Collective Feedback to promote positive behavior management across your school:

  • When using the mobile web version of Classcraft, designated staff members — which includes admins and teachers by default — will see the Collective Feedback icon at the top of their dashboard. From there, they can view behavior expectations and award XP for positive behaviors.
  • Staff can award experience points (XP) to students individually or in groups.
  • School and district administrators are responsible for designating staff members. In a district-wide implementation, staff members are designated at the district level and then assigned to schools. Staff members can be part of multiple schools.
  • Given that staff members are most likely to give feedback while on-the-go, we’ve optimized the Collective Feedback experience for use in a mobile browser. 
  • Collective Feedback is also available in the desktop version of Classcraft.

Watch this helpful video to learn more:

The big picture for positive reinforcement that supports students 

Collective Feedback is our latest effort to level up PBIS for administrators seeking to promote positive student behavior and school culture, no matter where students are learning — or where they’re exhibiting positive behavior.

Classcraft’s suite of PBIS features — including Collective Feedback, Kudos, positive behavior presets, and Targeted Intervention — helps schools and districts make a sustainable impact on student behavior and school culture through PBIS.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more exciting updates throughout the semester!

Have questions? Contact one of our representatives today.

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