Better personalized learning experiences

Blend your existing lesson plans with fun choose-your-own adventures to connect with every student and support their unique needs.

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Turn Lessons Into Captivating Adventures

Personalized learning adventures help you to take students on a journey for knowledge where they earn rewards as they progress. Quests is an online platform that lets you overlay your lessons plans onto interactive maps, with each point containing a learning goal, activity, or resource.

Students have fun as they complete challenges, unlock points for their characters, and discover a compelling narrative.

Reach every student

Easily adapt lessons to varying learning styles by giving students different paths to achieve the same goals. Branching paths on the map can be used to give students the choice to show their understanding in alternative ways and accommodate unique difficulties.

Customize the experience

Monitor students progress before they move onto the next objective, or enable self-paced progress for independent learners. Flexible options help you provide interventions in real time when needed and save time when they are not — it’s up to you!

Story mode and the SEL curriculum

Our Story Mode delivers a beautifully illustrated and rich narrative set in the Classcraft universe. Discover prewritten storylines for Quests, a free tool that turns your SEL curriculum into a collaborative learning adventure.

Two tablets with screenshots of Classcraft quest maps aligning with CASEL competencies
Two tablets with screenshots of Classcraft quest maps aligning with CASEL competencies

Find Countless Quests Already Made for You

The Quests Marketplace gives teachers a place to share their awesome quests and discover hundreds of new lessons and storylines to explore!


Find quests, tasks, and assignments for every grade level, from elementary school to higher education.


Access curriculum that meets a growing number of U.S. educational standards.


Discover lessons tailored to nearly every school subject, from art to social studies.


Explore quality quests from partners like the Discovery Educator Network, LRNG, Breakout Edu, and Newsela.

See Deeper Learning Than Ever Before

By creating richer personalized learning experiences, Quests enable you to teach in a more effective way and achieve real student success

Save time

Integration with Google Classroom makes it easy to import your assignments and reward students for timely completion.

Have fun

Make learning fun for the whole class, including you, while still delivering lessons in a successful way.

Support learning

Provide support when students need it and allow learners to progress further when they don’t. Quests are personalized to each student’s level of mastery.


Access our pre-made quests that you can use with your students. Browse the Classcraft Quest Marketplace.

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