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Mages (Karazians)

Meet the curious, studious, and imaginative Mages. They are always cool under pressure and ready for any challenge with their powers of magic and the elements.

Philosophy, Culture, and Society

Compared to Healers and Guardians, Mages may seem impulsive. However, they view themselves as future-thinking, aiming to push the boundaries of knowledge and possibility. Karazians are curious and creative, putting forth innovative albeit risky solutions to problems.

Both technology and magic are an important part of the tribe’s culture. Over time, Karazians develop endurance and control over the elemental power to which they share an affinity. Though they value individual growth through strict training, Mages are spontaneous and experimental by nature, creating a culture of contrasts and surprises.
Mages take their apprenticeship under a leader of a school, which are less formal institutions and more close affiliations. However, Kath Academy stands as a pillar of excellence and knowledge within the eponymous city.

The statue of Ky in the great city of Kath.
Episode 3 - Quest 2

Types of Mages

There are four main types of Mages — those who study earth, fire, water, and air. Every Mage has a natural magical affinity, which matches that of their elemental sprite, from which they draw power.

Ky, the First Mage (considered the “Mother of Magic”), was the only Mage to have controlled all four elements. Even fewer can manipulate more than one.

Story Ideas

  • Imagine the story of a child who wants to become a Mage but has no magical power. What would they do to belong in a great academy?
  • A Mage tries to create a new type of element and harness its powers. What would happen?