Guardians (Morians) | Classcraft Story Guidebook



Guardians (Morians)

Meet the playful, adventurous, and compassionate Guardians. Always at the ready to protect others, especially those who can’t defend themselves.

The Guardians reside on Morian Island, located in the western region of the Solea Archipelago. While most dwell together in the town of Ridoan, they can be nomadic in nature and live scattered across the island, closer to the animals of their clans.

Philosophy, Culture, and Society

The Morian tribe greatly respects the flora and fauna on their island. They train in “clans” dedicated to different animals, such as foxes and bears, and seek to forge bonds with them. A single chief unites all the clans, and each clan contains multiple mentors — experienced Guardians who guide the younger members.

Guardians value physical training, using their skills to contribute to their society and prove their worth. That said, they’re not only strong but also daring, fun-loving, and always up for a good challenge. Though they’re highly competitive, they care deeply about the well-being of their tribe. An honorable people, they go to great lengths to mend their mistakes when proven wrong.

They are also sharply attuned to their five senses, a skill that they continuously develop over their lifetimes. This helps them learn about their surroundings so they can navigate terrain and locate valuable resources, such as useful plants or minerals. Mindful to preserve the existing order of their island, they’re conscientious in all interactions with nature and vigilant to any changes.

Guardians wear unique gauntlets on both hands that give them the ability to generate protective energy barriers (on one side) and use special animal powers (on the other). The technology was engineered long ago with the help of the Voek, who forged and embedded crystals of varying shapes, colors, and sizes into the gauntlets as power sources. The intention was to help the Guardians develop deeper relationships and even intuitively communicate with the animals and sprites on their island.

Story Ideas

  • Imagine the story of a young Guardian who must learn to brave his fears to save his clan. What is he afraid of, and how does he overcome this challenge?
  • How would the nature-friendly Guardians respond if an animal species were to rapidly verge on extinction?