Richalt is an Herbalist and member of the Eldonian tribe who spends a lot of time exploring ruins in the mountains surrounding his native city of Verdalia on Elda Island. He’s usually accompanied by his sprite companion, Ivy.


This explorer is defined by a thirst for knowledge, a boundless curiosity, and courage that led him all the way to the Azalei Mountains. He’s passionate about history and would love to make a great new discovery to be remembered by.

Intelligent and brave, Richalt is quick on his feet. While sometimes he seems a little too impulsive to other Healers, he’s kind and generous, refusing to let anyone suffer, even at cost to himself.

Physical Appearance

Richalt is athletic, with skin tanned by long hours in the sun. His brown disheveled hair and beard cover most of his face, save for a strong nose and kind brown eyes. He usually wears practical clothes suited for cold weather and a bright smile on his face.

Story Ideas

  • What would happen if Richalt mistakenly kept one of the seeds given by the sprites in Season 1: Episode 2?
  • What sort of adventure did Richalt have in the mountains before Ivy got in trouble? What would he do if he stumbled upon other mysterious ruins?