Talik | Classcraft Story Guidebook




Talik is a teen Fire Mage and one of the heroes from Season 1.


Like many Mages, Talik is open-minded to new experiences and curious about the world. Though she takes risks, she’s clever and can be cautious when facing dangerous or unprecedented situations or challenges — always thinking before she acts.

This may be a result of her training under Fire Mage Leader, Rek, who teaches rationality and level-headedness under pressure.

Physical Appearance

Talik wears the standard head-to-tire attire for young Fire Mages, including a mask.

Story Ideas

  • Write about a day under the tutelage of Rek, the Fire Mage Leader. What kind of training would Talik receive? What lessons would she learn, and how?
  • Most Mages only find proficiency with one elemental type. Write about the moment when Talik discovered she was gifted with the fire element.