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Winruk Canyon

Winruk Canyon is located in the Western Reaches of Karaz Island, home of the Mages. The wide canyon runs from…

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Verdant Beach

Verdant Beach is a small, remote location on the southwestern edge of Elda Island. It’s surrounded by cliffs that lead…

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Morian Island

Morian Island is home to the Guardians, or Morian tribe. It’s located in the western region of the Solea Archipelago….

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Island of Vay

The Island of Vay is home to the Vay people, commonly known as the Riders of Vay. It’s located high…

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Karaz Island

Karaz Island — home to the Mages, or Karazian tribe — is located in the southern region of the Solea Archipelago….

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Voek Island

Voek Island is named for the Voek, the legendary tribe that settled among the Guardians, Mages, and Healers of the…

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Elda Island

Elda Island is situated in the northeastern region of the Solea Archipelago. It’s home to the Eldonian tribe, or Healers. High mountain…

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Shrine of the Ancients

Mysterious shrines are scattered across the Solea archipelago, serving as peaceful sites of rejuvenation for travelers. Rumor has it something…

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Kath is the main residence of the Mages and Karazian people. The city, located on the eastern side of Karaz…

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