Kiva | Classcraft Story Guidebook




Kiva is an old Mage who lived in the Sprite Underground for several millennia. While he was found living on Elda Island, he is originally from Karaz Island. He was tasked with the upkeep of the Azalei Tower but became trapped when the light gate closed.


Influenced by the sprites surrounding him, Kiva sometimes feels disconnected from the human world. Regardless, he’s proven to be a strong and loyal caretaker for the tower and the Voek. Even in a hopeless situation, he remained optimistic throughout the years.

While he’s knowledgeable, he does not fully grasp how much the world has changed while he was trapped in the Sprite Underground.

Physical Appearance

Kiva is a Mage like no other. His looks were influenced by the time he spent living in the Sprite Underground. Over time, he became more and more of a sprite himself. He’s now constantly surrounded by a smokey purple aura, and his skin is somewhat translucent.

Beyond these notable differences, Kiva is an old man with a long white beard. He wears dark clothes and carries a staff.

Story Ideas

  • Kiva does not wield the same magic as other Mages do. What would happen if he tried to learn their powers?
  • Being so ancient, Kiva has a unique perspective on historical landmarks. What could he teach heroes about the relics of the Azalei Mountains?