Griffon Riders (Vay)

The Vay are a mysterious tribe who live somewhere around the Solea Islands


Little is known about the Vay, who come from a place above the clouds. They seem to have a strange connection to the Ancients (Voek) as they’re able to read their language, which appears as glyphs on technology and various locations across the islands.


Riders, a subset of the Vay people, travel alone or in small groups and are almost always accompanied by their griffons, which are their close companions. Curiously, they never seem to stay on land for very long, disappearing back above the clouds after a short time.

Though most inhabitants of other islands refer to all Riders as “Griffon Riders,” there’s evidence to suggest the organization and ranks within Vay society are more nuanced.


The Vay are a reserved and wise tribe, only interfering when they deem it necessary. Though they often observe, acting with mindful discretion, they are always willing to help those in need.

Story Ideas

  • What would happen if a Rider got separated from their griffon?
  • Soaring above the clouds, a Rider finds a secret island. What do they find there?