Four Siblings of Light

The siblings of light are four mysterious, intelligent beings scattered across the Solea archipelago. The heroes Haden, Talik, and Alster meet them on their journey in Season 1.

As the keepers of the various towers that have recently appeared, the siblings possess an unknown connection to the Voek, or Ancients — powerful beings who existed millennia ago and are thought to have returned.

Physical Appearance

Although the siblings appear to be different ages and wear different attire, they are all made of light and energy. The “boy” in Azalei Tower on the Healers’ island looks to be about eight years old — while his elder sister in Zaeka Tower, known only as the “girl,” appears around fourteen or fifteen.

Two adult siblings of light, a man and woman, are located on Morian Island and Vay, respectively.


The siblings share a collective memory, which is incomplete — perhaps damaged by some past event. As a result, they often communicate in riddles.

Their age seems to have some relation to their knowledge and power, with the older siblings being more capable. For example, the boy appears only in one fixed position whereas the girl can move around her tower and provide more assistance.

The siblings can also activate light gates, or Voek teleportation platforms, that connect the different islands together. They share a strong, almost telepathic link with the towers in which they reside, and they’re able to sense their brothers and sisters even from a great distance.

Story Ideas

  • Sometimes it’s hard for adults and children to understand each other! Imagine an adult Healer meeting the “boy” for the first time. What common ground might they share?
  • Write a backstory that explains who the four siblings are in relation to the Voek. Why might their memories be missing?