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Drue is a Griffon Rider from Vay, an island high in the clouds above the Solea archipelago. He is well-trusted…

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Haden is a teen Fox Guardian and one of the heroes from Season 1. She is an only child. Personality…

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Talik is a teen Fire Mage and one of the heroes from Season 1. Personality Like many Mages, Talik is…

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Alster is a teen Healer of the Wanderer guild and one of the heroes of Season 1. Back home in…

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Four Siblings of Light

The siblings of light are four mysterious, intelligent beings scattered across the Solea archipelago. The heroes Haden, Talik, and Alster…

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Mage Leaders of Kath

Each school of Mages in the city of Kath is run by an appointed leader — usually the most experienced…

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Elder Tharah

Elder Tharah is a young girl and one of the most respected elders in the Healer community. She spends most…

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Kiva is an old Mage who lived in the Sprite Underground for several millennia. While he was found living on…

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Richalt is an Herbalist and member of the Eldonian tribe who spends a lot of time exploring ruins in the…

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