Drue is a Griffon Rider from Vay, an island high in the clouds above the Solea archipelago. He is well-trusted among the other Riders. With the reappearance of Voek Island, he joined those tasked with watching the skies and lands below.


Eager to learn, Drue is highly curious and a deep thinker, traits that have earned him status and respect from his people.

Drue is also compassionate, respecting the humans and griffons he lives alongside as equals. From a young age, he learned to help care for the griffons that nest high in the trees of Vay, tending to them when they’re sick and training them for future Riders. He’s also highly vigilant, quick to notice subtle changes in the skies or lands, and knows the names of every Rider’s griffon by heart.

This track record has made him an excellent candidate for a greater calling. The Vay Council chose him to serve among a select group of Riders seeking to build relationships with the tribes of the Solea Islands.

Physical Appearance

Drue is tall and strong, having undergone rigorous physical training. He holds himself with confidence and is an easily approachable person.

He wears the standard outfit of the Griffon Riders of Vay and is almost always seen beside his griffon.

Story Ideas

  • The day the first Voek tower appeared was the day Drue first met the Guardian, Healer, and Mage tribes. What was going through his head in that moment?
  • Imagine Drue and his griffon are flying through the skies, only to get caught in a storm! How do they escape, and where do they find shelter?