Elder Tharah | Classcraft Story Guidebook



Elder Tharah

Elder Tharah is a young girl and one of the most respected elders in the Healer community. She spends most of her time in Vera Temple, helping the people of Verdalia, assisting the other elders, and communing with the sprites.


While Tharah is young, she’s gained status among the Eldonians due to her wisdom, kindness, and talent for sensing the emotions and will of the sprites. She is dedicated to their well-being and happiness and strives for peace between sprites and humans.

Due to her warmth and open-heartedness, Tharah gets along easily with others, even those from other tribes. Intensely eager and curious, she’s often bursting with energy, asking a lot of questions and running around Vera Temple all day long — she’s still a kid, after all!

Physical Appearance

Tharah has shoulder-length brown hair and wears simple garments common among Healer elders.

Story Ideas

  • A dispute has broken out among the Eldonians. How does Tharah resolve the issue and maintain peace?
  • The sprites have all fallen sick. How will Tharah discover what’s wrong and save them?