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Flora & Fauna


Zargos is a hexafin common to the cold ocean waters around Voek Island. The animal gets its name for its…

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Teegwin is a reptavian living on Vay. The creatures are thought to have existed there for millennia, before the Voek…

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Lunae is a snailmoth common to the western Ruined Lands of Morian Island. They’re frequently sighted on cliff walls or…

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Rushi is a glowrat, small mammals common to the grasslands of Morian Island. They get their name from the gemstone…

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Jeweled Golecrusher

The jeweled golecrusher is a legendary creature said to roam Elda Island. It conceals itself among the island’s abundant crystals…

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Bluebeak Ganet

The bluebeak ganet is a bird that thrives in the cold mountain region of the Azalei Mountains, most notably near…

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Fanged Snowlynx

The fanged snowlynx is a wild beast that dwells in the deepest, coldest regions of the Azalei Mountains. It was…

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Piccal, Pengel, and Pelgo

Piccal, Pengel, and Pelgo (pictured from left to right) are owlray penguins common to the icy cliffs and waters of…

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Wakku is a lavaspring aquacat, a mammal that dwells in the lava-saturated waters of Karaz Island. He was released in-game…

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