Mage Leaders of Kath

Each school of Mages in the city of Kath is run by an appointed leader — usually the most experienced and gifted Mage of that division. They’re responsible for training young Mages who study their element and coordinating their efforts within the city.

The Fire Mage Leader, Rek

The Fire Mages are led by Rek in the southeastern region of Kath.

Despite the stereotyped reputation of Fire Mages to be hotheaded, Rek teaches his students to think rationally and remain level-headed under intense pressure or emotion. A strong leader, his students are loyal and intelligent. They’re particularly fascinated with the lava from Mount Zaeka and its convergence with the fire element.

The Water Mage Leader, Caska

The Water Mages train under Caska near the center of Kath, where water cuts through the city. They also spend a lot of time on the island’s beaches and in the ocean.

As a leader, Caska is strong-willed and assertive. She and her students practice understanding all of the water element’s moods, which can change on a whim — from calm to aggression. They seek to master and embody the same fluidity and fortitude. The lava-waters of Karaz Island are of particular interest to them.

The Air Mage Leader, Aerka

The Air Mages follow Aerka. Together they live and train on a rocky isle connected to the mainland by a long bridge. Out of all the schools, they experience the most tension with the other Mages.

Aerka is the youngest of the Mage leaders, who she considers her rivals. Though air is sometimes viewed as the weakest element on Karaz Island, Aerka teaches her students that its presence is all around them and contains power that others underestimate. They study its secrets, as well as its advantage in manipulating other elements — such as the ability to lift the rocks around the isle.

The heroes and the three Mage leaders (Rek, Caska, and Aerka) stand before Maeka, Head Mage of Kath.
Episode 3 - Quest 3

The Head Mage — the Earth Mage Leader, Maeka

Maeka is the city’s Head Mage, or ruler, and a direct descendent of Ky, the First Mage. She’s also the leader of the Earth Mages.

Earth Mages consider themselves the keystones of society on Karaz Island. They work closely with Maeka to ease tensions among the Mages and promote peace and well-being across the city. Astute learners, they’re as intrigued by history as they are by new innovations.

Story Ideas

  • What would happen if one of the schools were to lose their leader?
  • The Mage leaders are invited to a special occasion at Kath Academy. Will they be able to get along?