Healers (Eldonians)

Meet the wise, creative, and empathetic Healers. Putting the good of the community first, they are ready to heal and restore others when they’re down.

Peaceful and empathetic, Healers strive to live in harmony with the sprites that have long inhabited the island — and with nature itself.

Philosophy, Culture, and Society

Healers are respectful and wise, deeply valuing knowledge in all forms. They frequently tell tales of their history, even from the time of the ancient Voek, and make efforts to keep their traditions alive. Community-minded, they’re humble folks who view their relationship with all other living beings as more important than wealth or material goods.

Elders tell tales of an ancient age where Healers lived in nomadic tribes in the mountains surrounding the crater of a dormant volcano. At the time, communities were small and disparate but already lived alongside sprites peacefully.

Over time, these small communities grew and moved down to what became the lush valleys of Verdalia, slowly specializing their trades, crafts, and resources. The gathering of crystals and harvesting of precious herbs all over the island facilitated contacts with sprites, who have long been friends to the Healers of Verdalia.

Various Healer communities coexist in the fields of Verdalia, each led by an elder. These leaders, like Elder Tharah, are not chosen because of their age or family. They’re the wisest among their fellow Healers, with the strongest bonds with the sprites, and they put the good of their community (humans and sprites alike) first.

Healers openly share knowledge, believing everyone should have equal access to information. They also believe that art is a pillar of existence and elevates the mind.


Depending on the powers they favor, their skin bears different markings, representing their bonds with the sprites and allowing Healers to channel their sprites’ power and that of magical artifacts. The markings are painted with special paints and oils and created by combining magic and specific ingredients. Most Healers take great pride in their markings.

Story Ideas

  • Elders are pillars of their community. Imagine what would happen if one were to just disappear!
  • Knowledge is precious to Healers. They’ve just discovered an ancient book from the Library of the Arcanum was stolen!