Haden | Classcraft Story Guidebook




Haden is a teen Fox Guardian and one of the heroes from Season 1. She is an only child.


Like most Guardians, Haden is daring and up for any physical challenge. However, her high energy and determination can sometimes verge on brashness, making her difficult to get along with.

That said, Haden is a good friend and reliable in even the toughest of situations. She’s always ready to charge into danger or support her companions.

Physical Appearance

Haden has short auburn hair, brown eyes, and wears the signature clothing and gear of the Fox Guardian clan.

Story Ideas

  • Imagine Haden returns home for a big family gathering — with aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins. What is her family like?
  • Haden has learned many lessons about the way of the foxes. Write a story about Haden’s training.