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Solea Islands

The Solea Islands is an archipelago in the world of Elmara. It consists of three main islands — Elda, Morian, and Karaz — and more recently, Voek Island.

Elda Island

Elda Island is situated in the northeastern region of the archipelago and is home to the Eldonian tribe, or the Healers of Elda. Its snowy mountains encircle a lush valley, which sits in the crater of an ancient volcano and provides a residence for the Eldonians. The valley contains a mysterious lake that’s rumored to be bottomless.

The island is rich with diverse flora and an abundance of crystals, many of which reside underground.

Karaz Island

Karaz Island is located in the southernmost region of the archipelago. The Karazian tribe, or the Mages of Karaz, live in a highly advanced city in the east while the western part remains largely uncolonized. There lava from a volcanic twin mountain merges into a river that spans the island, flowing past a dense purple forest.

The beaches of Karaz Island are some of the most beautiful of all the Solea Islands.

Morian Island

Morian Island is populated by the Morian tribe, or the Guardians of Morian. An icy mountain looms over the mainland, which features a great diversity of fauna across its various biomes.

However, the western region of Morian is vastly different, with an active volcanic crater and perilous terrain that wards away most of the island’s native flora and fauna.


While the tribes have lived separately for millennia, some believe they once intermingled. Mysterious artifacts and ruins of common origin are scattered across the three islands, bearing the symbols of the Voek — a sign that each tribe was once in contact with the Ancients, and perhaps with one another as well.

Voek Island

A fourth island recently appeared in the middle of the archipelago. Legends say it belongs to the Ancients and that it vanished long ago … Could this mean that the Voek have returned?

Story Ideas

  • You set sail to chart the open waters, but a strange fog makes navigating impossible. What could be the cause?
  • You’re among those who land on the strange new island, said to belong to the Ancients. What secrets do you find there?