Kath | Classcraft Story Guidebook




Kath is the main residence of the Mages and Karazian people. The city, located on the eastern side of Karaz Island, is highly technologically advanced and densely populated.

The city is segmented in two sections by the flow of water, infused with lava from the volcanic Mount Zaeka. Though it faces the open ocean, Kath sits high above the cliffs. It’s protected by magic from an enchanted wall overlooking the expanse of Roka Forest.


The city expanded rapidly millennia ago, a time of great technological renaissance due to the presence and assistance of Voek on the island.

As a center of learning and innovation, Kath contains schools devoted to the study of the four primary elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Over the centuries, these schools have grown more independent, with little intermingling — a change that has led to tensions and feuds.

Places of Interest

The Kath Academy — founded by the First Mage, Ky — still looms over the city as a welcome place for Mages from all schools to congregate and learn together. It’s also the site of governance for all of Kath and the residence of the Head Mage, who oversees the city. The current Head Mage is Maeka, a descendent of Ky. A statue of Ky, not far from the academy, watches over the city.

Aside from the various smaller Mage schools and domains, Kath is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and waterfalls in the Solea Archipelago.

Story Ideas

  • A feud has broken out between the Fire and Water Mages. How will they come to terms and find peace?
  • Something has broken the magical ward on the wall bordering Roka Forest. What could have caused it?