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Classcraft Impact Report: Student behavior and engagement during the pandemic

Classcraft TeamApril 7, 2021

At Classcraft, we love what we do. But seeing the impact that our work can generate for educators and students? There’s nothing better than that.

Over the past year, educators around the world have been faced with the once-in-a-lifetime challenge of helping students model the behaviors of successful learners during the course of a global pandemic. The abrupt shift to distance and hybrid learning models led to widespread reports of chronic absenteeism, frustration among students and parents, and teacher retention issues.

A recent Education Week report revealed that K-12 administrators believe that student engagement represents their biggest challenge as the pandemic continues to affect education around the world.

In our first-ever impact report, we tabulated the data that shows just how educators have used Classcraft to improve student behavior and engagement during the pandemic.

Read on for the details, or have a look at this impressive infographic.

Our report on student engagement during the pandemic shows how teachers used Classcraft to reward behaviors associated with being a successful remote learner.

Promoting positive behaviors

Over the past year, educators using Classcraft have rewarded students for exhibiting positive behaviors 40 MILLION times. That’s a lot of XP!

But more specifically, how did educators use Classcraft to respond to the challenges of the pandemic?

Teachers, administrators, and staff rewarded students for these specific  behaviors associated with being a successful remote learner:

  • Showing up for a video lesson on time and ready to learn: 930K times
  • Being positive and hard-working: 641K times
  • Completing online activities: 478K times
  • Being respectful to others online: 110K times

Reducing negative behaviors

Classcraft has also helped educators decrease occurrences of negative behavior. Since the pandemic began, educators have rewarded positive behaviors 15 times more than negative behaviors.

The 15-to-1 ratio not only illustrates a low number of occurrences of negative behavior, it shows that Classcraft helps encourage educators to implement the best practice of reducing negative behaviors by reinforcing positive behaviors at a higher rate.

Promoting academic engagement

Getting students to engage with academic work has been one of the biggest challenges our schools have faced during the pandemic. 

Classcraft has also helped educators keep students engaged academically while learning at home or in a hybrid model, as evidenced by:

  • Teachers creating 300K personalized learning Quests
  • Students completing more than 10M Quest objectives 

The power of peer recognition

Classcraft’s Kudos feature has also successfully encouraged students to recognize the positive behaviors exhibited by their peers. In the past year, students have given their classmates an impressive amount of shout-outs for their good behavior through 350K teacher-approved Kudos!

Watch this video to better understand what these numbers mean, why they’re important, and how we were able to compile them.

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