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Duolingo launches Tinycards app to gamify flashcards for school curriculum

Stephanie CarmichaelAugust 22, 2016

Tinycards LessonDuolingo, the company responsible for the Duolingo platform that teaches world languages, has launched a new app called Tinycards that gamifies memorization in all subject matter.

The free app is available for iOS and uses fun, interactive flashcards to teach memorization—for vocabulary, equations, constellations, country capitals, history facts, the Periodic Table, and more. Launch decks also include content from Chineasy, the popular Chinese-learning method.

Tinycards features “thousands of topics” and enables you to create your own decks and share them, adding animations to make them more engaging. There are even cards for memorizing Game of Thrones characters (if you’re so inclined).

“Duolingo redefined the way millions of people learn languages by making it fun, effective, and free,” said Luis von Ahn, the co­founder and CEO of Duolingo, in a press release. “We’re excited to bring that experience to flashcards in order to help school kids suffering through memorization for tests. We also hope this will motivate adults to learn new topics to enhance their lives.”

Tinycards uses the same algorithms as the Duolingo app, so it adapts to each player’s progress and reinforces concepts they’ve recently learned.

Duolingo’s eponymous app, Duolingo, has 150 million users across the web, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.