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Impact the future of teaching: Set the agenda for SXSW EDU 2020

Storytelling CAN make learning more equitable and inclusive.

Educators CAN create a school climate that’s electric.

Innovative ideas like these can solve the problems facing education and change the way people teach and learn. But first, they have to come to the forefront of the conversation around K-12 education.

Together, we can make that happen.

SXSW EDU is an annual event that brings together creative professionals to learn and share ideas that will impact education. This year’s event, which takes place March 9-12, 2020, in Austin, Texas, marks the festival’s 10-year anniversary.

For SXSW EDU 2020, we’ve proposed three sessions that reflect some of the things that our community cares most about: The power of narrative to make learning more equitable and inclusive, and the far-reaching impact of school climate on virtually all aspects of K-12 education.

Learn about each session below, then click on the link to upvote today for your favorite. You can help make sure these topics get the attention they deserve at SXSW EDU 2020! Deadline to vote is August 23.

Thank you for your support! 

Narrative’s Power to Improve Equity

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Stories connect us, giving us space to explore new ideas and understand different perspectives. Storytelling can make more learning relevant by helping students, particularly from underserved social groups, recognize themselves in their learning experiences. This improves equity by motivating all students to reach their potential.

Devin Young, President and Co-Founder, Classcraft
David Adams, Director of Social Emotional Learning, Urban Assembly
Jean Guesdon, Creative Director, Ubisoft
Amanda Moore, Teacher, Chapelwood Elementary School

Let’s show SXSW EDU how powerful stories can create equity in education.

The New Climate Crisis Is in Our Schools 

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School climate is often associated with behavior or safety, but it impacts a range of outcomes, from student motivation to academic performance to teacher turnover. Can educators create a school climate that’s electric? Yes! This session offers perspectives on why school climate warrants our attention, strategies for improving it, and ideas for measuring something that seems immeasurable.

Shawn Young, Co-founder and CEO, Classcraft
Kimberley Harrington Markus, Executive Director of Innovation and Personnel, Mount Olive Township School District
Mary Jane Warden, Director of Innovation and Learning Technology, Park Ridge Niles District 64

Let’s get serious about school climate at SXSW EDU.

Stand Out: Integrated Marketing for EdTech 

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Explore what makes EdTech marketing unique and learn the steps to build your integrated marketing plan. Learn about digital marketing strategies and trends, how to leverage your early adopters, and discover how your industry segment informs your approach to customer engagement. 

Jennifer Stringer, Founder, Edu and Marketing Strategist, Square 32 Consulting
Mitchell Weisburgh, Founder, Academic Business Advisors
Devin Young, Co-Founder, Classcraft

Show SXSW EDU you’re ready to stand out in the education market.

Photo credit: Florence Jones / Unsplash

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