What does equity look like in hybrid and online learning?

What does equity mean in education? What does it look like for whole classrooms and individual students? Is it having digital access in learning environments? Is it reducing unconscious bias? Is it many different things?

Jennie Magiera (@MsMagiera), Head of Global Education Impact at Google, joins The Great Exchange podcast to talk about equity, education, the challenges in promoting equity while students are learning at home, and what we often get wrong when we think about equity in general. Jennie also discusses her love for gaming and why it can be such a powerful force in education to support students.

Jennie is also the Corwin bestselling author of “Courageous Edventures” and the  Founder of the education equity nonprofit, Our Voice Alliance. She uses her classroom experiences to inform her work supporting educators to create new and better opportunities for their students. She believes that, despite the many challenges facing schools today, every classroom can be a place for “edventures”: student-centered, passion-based experiential learning. Her work centers around acknowledging problems and finding innovative ways to navigate them so as to allow teachers and students to dive into these classroom edventures.

Jennie served on the TWG for the US Dept of Education’s National EdTech Plan and has been featured on programs such as: NBC’s Education Nation, C-SPAN’s Reimagining Education, TEDx, and NPR.

Back when she was the chief innovation officer at District 62 in Des Plaines, Illinois, we met up with her at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. Hear what she had to say then about using tech to ‘enhance our humanity.’

At Classcraft and Google’s The Great Exchange: 2020 Student Engagement Summit, Jennie will join a keynote panel looking at how games can promote equity. Register for free to hear from this thought leader live on Oct. 29. 

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