Tiffen's Emmy awards showcased at CES 2014

We Asked Teachers: What award categories would an Emmys for education have?

Television’s biggest awards night β€” the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards β€” recently honored the best actors, writers, and shows in U.S. television programming. It got us thinking: What would it look like if we honored teachers the same way we celebrate amazing shows?

Teachers are the OG when it comes to mind-expanding entertainment! They engage us, challenging our brains to work inside and outside the classroom, and help us learn how to think critically about the world and our relationship to it.

We thought it would be amazing if there were an Emmys for teaching. That got us wondering what kind of categories would be on the ballot. So naturally, we asked the people most in the know: teachers. Here are some of their award-winning answers!

What do you think of these categories? What’s missing from the ballot? Share with us on Twitter.

Photo: Aranami/ flickr

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