Season 1: Episode 4 | Classcraft Story Guidebook



“A Mage Reborn”

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After solving the secrets of the Mages’ academy in Episode 3, our heroes emerge from the secret underground passage to find themselves in Roka Forest, the mysterious purple woods in the middle of Karaz Island.

E4Q1: The Key in Moonlight

In “The Key in Moonlight,” the heroes enter Roka Forest and meet an unexpected ally, a Griffon Rider named Drue. Together they search for a “key” left long ago and discover ancient memories from a powerful Mage …

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E4Q2: Buried in the Past

In “Buried in the Past,” the heroes follow the clues westward, a path that leads them deep into the treacherous and uncharted Winruk Canyon.

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E4Q3: Storm in the Mountain

In “Storm in the Mountain,” the heroes descend deep into Mount Prata, where the four magical elements converge in a dangerous showdown.

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