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“Secrets of the Sprites”

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After the events of Episode 1, the Guardians, Mages, and Healers find themselves heading to Vera Temple to seek Elder Tharah’s advice.

But when they arrive, they discover the inhabitants of the temple are dealing with problems of their own — and Tharah isn’t quite what our heroes expected.

E2Q1: Deep Roots

In “Deep Roots,” the heroes visit Vera Temple to inform Elder Tharah of what happened at Stonehaven Shrine. Tremors from the recent earthquake make the whole temple shake and roots burst from the ground! What can the heroes do to bring peace back to the land?

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E2Q2: Depths of the Tower

In “Depths of the Tower,” the heroes return to the tower in Azalei Mountains, bringing Elder Tharah along. They find the door to the lower portion of the tower open. But is it an invitation — or a trap?

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E2Q3: The Sprite Underground

In “The Sprite Underground,” Elder Tharah and the Guardians, Mages, and Healers are taken to a world unlike one they’ve ever seen. With the gate closing behind them, they fear being trapped in the underground forever. What secrets await them deep below Verdalia, and how will they find their way out?

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