Season 1: Episode 6 | Classcraft Story Guidebook



“Relics of the Past”

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After surviving the cold, perilous caves of Gelgeth Mountain in Episode 5, our heroes finally find themselves in dangerous Ruined Lands, the center of the poisonous corruption on Morian Island.

Will they be able to reach the Voek tower and locate the third sibling of light, or will they fall the corruption’s effects?

E6Q1: The Ruined Lands

In “The Ruined Lands,” our heroes search for clues as to the cause of the corruption. But they’re not alone in the wilderness …

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E6Q2: Forgotten Memories

In “Forgotten Memories,” the heroes investigate the tower, which contains both harmful corruption and mysterious secrets from long ago. The answers to what happened to Morian Island lay within … but the truth may be more than they expected.

Import E6Q2: Forgotten Memories

E6Q3: A Guardian’s Duty

In “A Guardian’s Duty,” our heroes return to the town of Ridoan. There Haden must face her father and make a decision that will change her future forever.

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