Season 1 marks the start of the Guardians, Mages, and Healers’ journey together in search of the Ancients.

When a strange island appears out of nowhere, the people of Elmara wonder if the Ancients have finally returned — legendary beings who once walked the earth and skies. But when they set sail to find out, they instead meet other tribes, each seeking answers of their own. Joining forces, the adventurers soon realize the mystery is bigger — and will take them farther — than they’d ever imagined.

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Episode 1: “The Path of the Ancients”

When the three tribes come together, they activate long-dormant technologies that send them on a quest to Elda Island, home of the Healers. There a tower has appeared out of light high in the mountains. But unlocking the tower’s secrets won’t be easy …

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Episode 2: “Secrets of the Sprites”

Seeking Elder Tharah’s advice, the heroes travel to Vera Temple at the center of Verdalia, the Eldonian city. However, the temple’s inhabitants are dealing with problems of their own — and Tharah isn’t quite what our heroes expected.

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Episode 3: “The Heart of Karaz Island”

After leaving the Sprite Underground, the heroes find themselves in a new tower on Karaz Island. There more secrets and a girl of light await them, but they soon discover that the very island needs their help.

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Episode 4: “A Mage Reborn”

Having solved the secrets of the Mages’ academy, our heroes emerge from the secret underground passage to find themselves in Roka Forest. But they aren’t traveling alone … Soon new enemies and startling secrets will test their mettle and the Mage Maeka’s command of the elements.

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Episode 5: “Troubled Homecoming”

After bringing balance to Karaz Island, our heroes arrive on Morian Island, home of the Guardians. There they’ll face their greatest challenge yet as they race to save all animal, plant, and human life under threat by a mysterious toxin.

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Episode 6: “Relics of the Past”

In Episode 6, our heroes search the perilous Ruined Lands for a cure for the corruption plaguing the Guardians’ island … and Haden makes a choice that will change her future forever.

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Episode 7: “Riddle in the Sky”

In Episode 7, our heroes fly above the clouds to search for the final sibling of light. But the Island of Vay holds its own secrets — and unexpected dangers. Can they survive the skies?

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Episode 8: “The Way Home”

In Episode 8, our heroes return to where their adventure started: Voek Island. With the four siblings of light reunited and balance restored to the islands, our heroes receive an invitation that will change their lives forever.

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