Season 1: Episode 7 | Classcraft Story Guidebook



“Riddle in the Sky”

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After ridding Morian Island of its greatest threat, our heroes take flight to the sky island of Vay to locate the final sibling of light and complete the puzzle of what happened to the ancient Voek long ago.

But there’s just one hitch in their plan: The entire island of Vay is falling apart!

E7Q1: Missing Pieces

In “Missing Pieces,” our heroes land on Vay to find a mystery waiting for them. No tower means no sibling of light — but that’s not the worst of their problems.

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E7Q2: The Lost Islands

In “The Lost Islands,” our heroes explore new islands high in the clouds. Will the secrets they find be enough to point them in the direction of the missing Voek once and for all?

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