“The Heart of Karaz Island”

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After the events of Episode 2, our heroes find themselves on Karaz Island, home of the Mages.

A new tower reveals more secrets about the legendary, ancient Voek … and soon our heroes are sent on a quest to restore balance to the four elements — and to the Mages themselves.

E3Q1: Lava and Light

In “Lava and Light,” the Guardians, Mages, and Healers arrive in a third tower, where a mysterious girl of light awaits them. What secrets about the Voek will she share, and what’s at stake on Karaz Island?

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E3Q2: A Fragile Alliance

In “A Fragile Alliance,” the heroes travel to the city of Kath, where they must seek the help of the four Mage leaders — representing fire, water, air, and earth. But getting them all to work together will be a challenge in itself.

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E3Q3: A Secret Message

In “A Secret Message,” the heroes enter the academy at the heart of Kath. Will they be able to restore balance to the four elements and learn the artifact’s secrets? Find out in the last chapter of Episode 3!

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