“Troubled Homecoming”

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After bringing balance to Karaz Island in Episode 4, our heroes arrive on Morian Island, home of the Guardians. But they aren’t teleported into the next tower like they thought they would be …

Episode 5 Quest 1

E5Q1: Through the Fox’s Den

In “Through the Fox’s Den,” the heroes find themselves in the Guardian town of Ridoan. But for Haden, this isn’t exactly the homecoming she wished for. They soon learn all is not well on Morian Island.

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Episode 5 Quest 2

E5Q2: Into the Wild

In “Into the Wild,” the heroes venture into the Drunwood Lowlands, the expansive grasslands outside town. Can they find a way to reach the Voek tower far to the west in the dangerous Ruined Lands?

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Episode 5 Quest 3

E5Q3: The Frozen Caverns

In “The Frozen Caverns,” the heroes embark on an ancient pathway through the icy Gelgeth Mountain. What awaits them in the dark caverns, and will they make it through safely?

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