“The Path of the Ancients”

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Season 1 begins with the GuardiansMages, and Healers coming together after a mysterious tower rises in the middle of the ocean. This tower once belonged to the Ancients, who legends say once walked the earth and skies. Could this tower be a sign that the Ancients have returned?

When the three tribes meet and place their hands together in the tower depths, they activate long-dormant, ancient technologies that send them on a quest to the Healers’ island.

E1Q1: The Lost Sprite

In “The Lost Sprite,” the Guardians, Mages, and Healers begin their quest on Elda Island. They soon meet a new ally as they discover the secrets — and dangers — of the Azalei Mountains. Will they succeed in opening the door to the mysterious Voek tower?

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A day has passed since the blizzard forced you and your fellow adventurers to take refuge inside Snowdew Inn, high in the mountains of Elda Island. You appreciated the chance to get warm, but now the storm has passed. You’re eager to reach the tower and discover what secrets the Ancients — the Voek — have left behind.

The door of the inn slams open. A man stumbles in, mustache and clothes caked with snow. He looks frozen through to his bones, like he’s been wandering outside for hours.

You guide him to the fireplace, where Richalt introduces himself and tells you he’s a Healer studying rare mountain flora.

“I was exploring when the tower appeared out of nowhere,” he says. “My sprite companion rushed toward the door. It’s locked, but I can’t get her to leave. I don’t know what to do.”

One of the Guardians, Haden, is already strapping on her gauntlets. “We’re headed for the tower. If you can show us the way, maybe we can help you figure out what’s bothering your sprite.”

E1Q2: The Tower’s Secrets

In “The Tower’s Secrets,” the heroes gain entrance to the tower on Elda Island. There they meet a mysterious sprite-like boy, who asks for their help and urges them to “follow the stars.” What secrets await them in the tower, and will they find the missing sprite they promised to rescue?

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E1Q3: Seeking the Stars

In “Seeking the Stars,” the heroes descend the mountain to Verdalia, the Eldonian city. There they find the denizens overwhelmed by a horde of panicked raptals, driven from their nests, but that’s only the beginning of their trouble.

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